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Murrow’s School Week Starts on Tuesday

Andrew Murrow, a senior at Boys’ Latin, has created the reputation and trend that he has skipped more Mondays during his senior year than he has attended.

“It all started during football season this year,” Andrew said. “I missed a Monday practice because I had a doctor’s appointment in Howard County and could not go to school.” This led Boys’ Latin’s football coach, Ritchie Schell, to come up with the nickname “Monday Murrows” which has stuck to this day.

SeniorDay (11)

Andrew Murrow

“I don’t even think he’s missed that many Mondays,” Coach Schell said. “It was just a light-hearted joke.  If I actually thought he missed too many Mondays, I would not have teased him this much. He’s such a great kid that I knew he could handle it.”

The nickname is heard echoing throughout the hallways as the trend was spread along with the nickname.  When students asked why others called Andrew “Monday Murrows,” the story behind it was also told.  So whenever Andrew would miss a school day on Monday, everyone would know.

“Although  it [“Monday Murrows”] is a funny joke, it has stuck and people still think that even though I have a planned absence and reasonable excuse to not be at school that day, I would skip school for no reason,” Andrew said in frustration. “This is how ridiculous this nickname has gotten.”

Andrew had recently got his wisdom teeth removed, and he was confronted by students saying that he skipped school on purpose.  “People accused me of skipping school this past Monday so I didn’t have to give my senior speech even though I had a real excuse, and I wasn’t even planned to go that day.”

The nickname has stuck and spun out of control, as false accusations are made towards Andrew.  “My Mondays consist of coming to school and doing work,” Andrew said proudly.

The nickname, created by Coach Schell, has taken a surprising spin as students believe Andrew has missed more Mondays than has attended.  He has missed a total of five Mondays this year, all being excused absences.  Although that may be a larger amount than other students at Boys’ Latin, the fact that they were all excused absences may give Andrew an alibi.

Even though Andrew may have had a reasonable excuse to miss every single Monday he has missed this year, the nickname will most likely stick around for the long haul.

Disclaimer: This article was written for entertainment purposes only.  There is no accusation towards Andrew saying that he had intentionally skipped school.  This was written solely to explore the background of a nickname and to disprove accusations made towards him.

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