Chipotle Trying to Regain Public’s Trust

Chipotle, a popular fast food chain, has recently undergone a scandal. From late 2015 to the early part of 2016, there was an outbreak of E-Coli in the company’s food. This scared many people away from eating at the establishments, now leaving the company to try to get its customers back.

Chipotle’s issues with E-Coli have made the company take the time to revamp the way that their chains operate. Chipotle shut down all branches for one day to “change safety procedures and generally work to try to win back public confidence,” according to Forbes magazine.

After making these changes, Chipotle launched a promotion to give its customers a free lunch. The question now is, has this worked? It seems to be a controversy in the community.

According to Chipotle aficionado, Cody Carlson, “I did not take advantage of the free burrito offer. I will pretend like I didn’t miss out on the offer by saying I don’t want to kick Chipotle when they’re down and out by getting a free burrito.”

Cody is a huge Chipotle fan and seems to have the company’s back no matter what.

However, senior Jeremy Greenberg said that he “[doesn’t] go as often as [he] used to” because he is weary on whether or not Chipotle has completely gotten rid of the outbreak, even though the CDC has said that the outbreaks “appear to be over” in an article by Today.com.

Future University of Maryland graduate Dylan Kowalewski agreed with the CDC. He “has gone multiple times” to get his burrito bowl with half steak and half barbacoa. Dylan said that he goes to Chipotle two to three times a month and continues to do so.

Dylan took advantage of the free lunch offer from Chipotle, and he said that this was a real incentive for him to forgive Chipotle for their mishaps.

Mexican buffet lover Mitch Casper said that he has completely lost faith in Chipotle and moved on to rival chain Qdoba since they have endangered so many people with this scandal. He did not even know of the free lunch offer, and he has not eaten at Chipotle since the scandal.

Overall, the community is divided on this hot topic. It is tough to say whether or not Chipotle will have a speedy or slow recovery, but hopefully, it will come back to its former glory through its attempts to make this scandal a thing of the past.

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