Jonas Blizzard Hits East Coast With Record Snowfall

On January 20-21, Blizzard Jonas hit the east coast hard with a record snow fall that lasted all weekend Friday through Sunday nonstop.

The storm covered 434,000 square miles in 26 states with mostly everyone getting over 20 inches (Daily Mail). This storm affected 102.8 million people and shut down schools and businesses for almost an entire week. 

On Friday afternoon, with Jonas approaching and the highest of expectations, the snow started falling and it truly did not stop all three days except for brief breaks for a few minutes.

Paul Kocin, a national meteorologist, called the storm a slightly smaller version of the January 1996 blizzard that covered the east coast as well (Daily Mail).

This storm covered a wide range from Louisiana to Maine and even across parts of the southern midwest (Daily Mail).

This blizzard contributed to a few natural disasters, such as floods, and 52 deaths in 11 states and DC related to car accidents or snow injuries (Daily Mail). Some people died of a heart attack shoveling, and there were others with carbon monoxide poisoning.

At times, it almost felt like plows were never coming and everyone was trapped in their neighborhoods.  Cars were plowed in lots for days on end, and driveways remained blocked.

Buses and transportation systems shut down, flights were canceled, and many remained at home with cabin fever.

Snowfall was huge and record setting; in West Virginia, snow even added up to 42 inches (USA Today).

Locally, the city of Baltimore received its largest snowfall of 29.2 inches (USA Today) and extended winter break for a week.

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