Music Industry Shines at Grammys

On February 15, LL Cool J hosted the 58th Grammy Awards from the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. The Grammys is a night where the best of the music industry are recognized for their accomplishments for that year.

Like any awards show, musical performances are a major part of the night. To start off the event, Taylor Swift performed her hit song, “Out of the Woods.”

“Taylor Swift started off with a bang,” senior Andrew Brennan said about her performance. “Her energy really captivated the crowd right from the beginning. I also really liked how she called out Kanye after winning her award.”

This was the first year that there was a live Broadway segment during the Grammys. The “Hamilton” cast and crew performed their opening number to a live TV audience just a few minutes before taking home the Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album.

“My favorite part of the show would have to be the ‘Hamilton’ performance,” senior Kahlan Lee-Lermer said. “It was cool to see history presented that way.”

During a time when the best of the industry is brought together, it is only right to honor and tribute those in that industry who have passed away this year. At the Grammys, David Bowie, Maurice White of Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Glenn Frey of the Eagles were all honored by some of today’s greats.

“Lady Gaga’s tribute to David Bowie was in good taste,” Brennan said, “but it could have been done a lot better in my opinion. There was a lot of backfire from the Bowie family over her performance.”

Maurice White was honored by Stevie Wonder and Pentatonix, and Glen Frey was honored by a variety of Eagles and guitar legends such as Joe Walsh, Jackson Browne, and Don Henley.

“I love Earth, Wind, and Fire,” Brennan said, “and to see someone as successful as Stevie Wonder honor Maurice White was really cool.”

However, while there were some highlights to this year’s Grammys, there was also a lot of disappointment.

“I don’t see how Justin Bieber can perform and not sing ‘Sorry’,” Brennan said. “It’s a banger.”

“I thought Kendrick Lamar’s performance was good,” Lee-Lermer said, “but he definitely overdid it; all of that wasn’t needed to get his point across.”

“That was sad,” Brennan said about Adele’s piano having something fall on the strings mid-performance, causing her to sing out of tune.

Besides the opening and tributes, the rest of the Grammys were not as enjoyable. Stars did not sing their most popular songs, there were microphone malfunctions, it seemed like only five awards were handed out on TV, and the host of the program, LL Cool J, rarely made an appearance on the actual show.

View the full list of winners here.

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