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Preview: 2016 Boys’ Latin Mock Trial

Boys’ Latin’s mock trial team began its season on February 3, 2016.  In the past, the mock trial team had not been the most successful team, but they have their eyes set on winning for this year.

The mock trial team has a completely different look for the 2016 season.  The team has a new coach, Mr. Roche, and only has one returning lawyer and one returning witness.  

The lawyer team is comprised of Morgan Adams, Jackson Gazin, and Mark Gray.  The only returning lawyer for the team is senior Mark Gray, meaning the squad is fairly young.  This means the team will have the ability to grow as the season progresses.  

The lawyers have been putting in immense amounts of work, and they are beginning to get the hang of mock trial. The lawyers also seem to be very prepared for the matches this season.

It is expected that the team of lawyers will need time to develop as the majority of the team are first time lawyers. Although they are young, they still have goals of winning.

According to first-time lawyer Jackson Gazin, “Even though we’re inexperienced, I still think we have the ability to win.  We’ve been working hard, so hopefully that will make up for the lack of experience.”  

The witness team is comprised of Brooks Michel, Sam Weinick, and Francis Nnanna. The returning witness is Francis, leaving Brooks and Sam without real trial experience.  All the witnesses have shown glimpses of talent during the practices for the team, which is a positive sign.

Overall, the team is incredibly young, but they have immense potential.  According to mock trial team member Morgan Adams, “I believe we have a good team.  We work hard, so good things should happen for us this season.”


The mock trial team suffered its first loss of the season at the hands of Archbishop Curley.  Although they lost, the team should take something positive from the experience.  They were not blown out, and they showed glimpses of how great the team could truly be.  

A bright spot of the match came from Morgan Adams, who did an excellent job in his cross-examination of a witness.  

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