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Top Five Dog Breeds According to Mark Gray

According to the American Kennel Club, there are 178 officially recognized dog breeds, but there over 400 breeds around the world. All of these dogs have different appearances, and they have different personalities. Below are my top five favorite dog breeds:

From: Pintrest.com

5.  Golden Retriever. This breed of dog has arguably the cutest puppy stage, and they are known to be great companions. When asked about what he thinks is the cutest type of puppy, freshman Justice Brown said, “Golden retrievers no doubt.” Golden retrievers are typically great family dogs, and they interact well with people of all ages. They are full of energy, and they are always ready to play.


4.  The next breed of dog on my list is an Australian Shepherd. Australian Shepherds, also known as Aussies, come in a few different sizes. There is the typical Aussie which, according to dogbreedinfo, weighs in anywhere from 50-65 pounds. They also come in mini and toy sizes.

Regardless of their size, Aussies are known for their incredible athleticism as well as their famous Blue Merle color. They are often featured in competitions.  Check out the video below to see just how athletic they are.


From: Australain-Shepherdlovers.com

3.  The third dog breed on my list is the Siberian Husky.  Siberian Huskies are very close relatives of the wolf, and they show many traits of this. They typically have blue eyes, and they grow to be fairly larger dogs.  They, like golden retrievers, have extremely cute puppies.

Siberian Huskies are very smart dogs, and they are very active as well. They require large amounts of exercise and patience. Siberian Huskies are great dogs, but if they are trained improperly, they can wreak havoc.


From: sv.wikipedia.org

2.  The next breed of dog on the list is the German Shepherd. Often times, German Shepherds are on the negative end of pre-judgement. Many people associate these dogs with violence, which is a misconception as violence is not in the nature of these dogs.

German Shepherds are incredibly smart, which is shown as the police force uses them to help solve crimes. They have very powerful noses, and they are eager to learn. German Shepherds do not just serve as work dogs as they are great companions as well.

German Shepherds are full of energy, and they need large amounts of exercise.


From: nextdaypets

The number one dog breed on the list is the Beagle! These dogs are very cute, full of energy, and very smart. Beagles are extremely intelligent, but they require an immense amount of patience as they are very stubborn dogs. They are great family dogs, and they are good with people of all ages.


From: vstreet

All dogs can be great as long as they are well trained. Different dogs have different personalities that match different people. There are so many dogs, with such varied personalities, that there is sure to be a perfect match for everyone.

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  1. Mark,

    I am a little disappointed that the Golden Doodle did not make the list.

    Please make edits where necessary to include this breed.



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