Johnny Manziel: Starter to Benchwarmer Following Bye Week

On November 24, 2015, Johnny Manziel was demoted to third string quarterback behind McCown and practice member Austin Davis.

Meanwhile, this was exactly one week after he was named the starter for the rest of the season. Manziel was home in Texas for the Browns’ bye week and did exactly what he shouldn’t have over the bye.  He was told to be careful over, and he vowed to be on his best behavior.

However, videos and pictures surfaced of Manziel partying and sipping on Dom Perignon at his two favorite Austin bars Rio Rooftop and Summit Rooftop Lounge according to SBNation.

Following news of this incident, the Cleveland Browns demoted Manziel from his starting position to third string quarterback. This was tremendous news leading into Monday Night Football against the Ravens.

The NFL is not sure if he is violating any terms of his treatment program by what he’s doing in the video, but the incident is definitely alarming for the Browns coaching staff after all the chances they have provided Manziel to prove himself off the field.

The Browns coaching staff was far from happy after Manziel’s incident. “‘He’s done some things to affect that trust, clearly,'” said Pettine. “‘And it’s something that we talk about. He understands it and he knows that with these expectations there comes great responsibility. That’s something that he knows he has to live up to,'” according to

The staff stayed true to their punishment and did not put Manziel in when McCown went down injured in the Ravens game on Monday night.  Instead, they named Austin Davis the starter as McCown is out for the season.

Johnny Manziel has broken the Browns’ trust far too many times, and this time, they really punished him and stayed true to their word.

Johnny Manziel was coming off the best week of his career against the Pittsburgh Steelers with a 73.3 composition, 372 yards, one touchdown, and an interception.  This added up to a 95.8 rating according to Google stats.

Manziel was just cleared by the NFL right before the Steelers breakout game for a possible violation of the conduct policy after his roadway incident with his girlfriend featuring potential domestic violence. He also admitted to drinking during the day of that incident with his girlfriend Colleen Crowley on October 12th. 

Not only that, but Manziel confessed to alcoholism during the offseason and spent 10 weeks in an addiction-treatment facility in the offseason.

Manziel’s future is in speculation, and it could very well not end in Cleveland. SBNation sent out multiple reports stating teams interested in him such as the Cowboys, 49ers, and other teams that lost their quarterback for the year or needed a new starter.

Video of drinking can be found here:

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