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Boys’ Latin Picks Homecoming 2015 Theme Idea

Boys’ Latin homecoming surfaces every year with students confused on themes and exact dates. About a week ago, the faculty informed the student body officers that the Boys’ Latin homecoming will take place on December 4, 2015. The senior class and officers then created a list of possible theme ideas and presented them to Mr. Mitchell.

In the past three years, BL’s homecoming has had an array of themes, including country folk, superheroes and last year, first responders. This year, Boys’ Latin senior class officer Noah Synder is in charge of presenting the theme ideas to Mr. Mitchell.

“So basically students bring theme ideas to someone in the student government. The student representatives are seniors, and they present the theme to Mr. Mitchell. This year, I have been presenting the ideas to Mr. Mitchell, and Mr. Mitchell either passes or says the theme is too controversial,” Synder explained. 

“Once Mr. Mitchell passes the themes, the seniors choose the best four to six that they have and make a poll on Facebook, and the senior class presents the theme to the whole school,” Synder said. 

Snyder has been presented with a tough duty this year; he needs to find the right balance between fun yet appropriate themes to present to Mr. Mitchell. “This process it just tedious; every time I hear a theme idea, I have to go and ask him. I understand why; it just seems very tedious to me,” Snyder explained.

Reported rumors of some possible themes are outer space, villains, office, and decades. More conceivable themes will be released closer to homecoming. Once the class officers choose the best four to six theme ideas, they post a poll on the senior class Facebook page and the seniors vote.

In years past, once the voting concludes and the seniors have decided on the theme, they will present the theme for the entire student body. The seniors make an announcement, and a few walk out in front of the entire student body dressed in that theme. Determining the homecoming theme is a delicate process because it cannot be offensive to groups or individuals.

Michael Morsberger, the student body president, had to make an executive decision on the theme because time was running out. “The gentlemen and their dates have to be informed about the theme in a timely manner so they can plan accordingly,” said Morsberger. Boys’ Latin’s homecoming is at 8:00 p.m. on December 4th, and the theme is Jersey Night.

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