Washington College Tragedy Leads to Death of Jacob Marberger

On November 13, Jacob Marberger was expelled from Washington College after he drunkenly brandished his pistol at a fraternity party; days later, he committed suicide.

Marberger had recently been upset about a prank played on him where his fraternity brothers placed a trash can full of water on his door.  When he opened the door, the trash can fell back spilling water into his room.

Marberger said to the school that he felt that he was getting targeted and victimized by other members of the school. He brought his pistol out at a party to brag about it, and while not threatening or pointing it, his punishment was harsh.

Jacob Marberger was first expelled from his fraternity and was forced to resign from his position as speaker of student senate.  He was considered a high ranked school official and was forced to step down by the administration according to the Washington Post.

He was first suspended from the school which was later turned into an expulsion.  Marberger took this in the worst way possible and was sent home to his parents in Pennsylvania.

However, when he got home, he reportedly stole a firearm from his house and left distraught, not replying to any messages. His parents said “they had not been able to reach him, and didn’t know his whereabouts” according to CNN.

The Marbergers phoned the college November 16 to report his situation and was consider a missing student according to the Washington Post.  This entire situation led to Washington College suspending classes for the next few days, which later turned into closing the school down for the month of November past Thanksgiving Break.

After further investigation by the Maryland and Pennsylvania police, Jacob Marberger, the 19-year-old sophomore, was found dead in Hamburg at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.  He died of a self-inflicted gun wound and sadly took his own life because of this situation according to CNN.

He was found in the picnic area with the car he had been using and the gun case he stole from his parents.

Washington College released a statement calling Marberger’s death “a terrible blow to our community” and extended its “deepest sympathies” to the Marberger family “in their time of unimaginable grief” according to the Washington Post.

Marberger’s situation remains in question as to if he really should have gotten expelled, and if the college took the right stance on this before they made their initial decision.

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