Ronda Rousey Loses to Holly Holmes

On November 14, 2015, in Melbourne, Australia, Ronda Rousey lost her first ever UFC fight.  Holly Holmes was able to knock out Ronda Rousey with a kick to the face.

Going into the fight, Rousey was heavily favored with 22-1 odds that she wins according to ESPN. The fight had an immense amount of hype surrounding it as Ronda Rousey admitted during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, “she’s the biggest threat to me.”

Ronda Rousey’s words proved to be true as Holly Holmes was able to evade Rousey’s famous arm-bar on multiple occasions, which led to the frustration of Rousey. Holly Holmes was able to prevent the fight from going to the ground. This tactic was a smart one as Ronda Rousey is an Olympic Judo Champion.

Holly Holmes kept the fight off the ground, and she was able to land big punches on Rousey through out the fight. She also was able to get Ronda Rousey to become frustrated, which led to Rousey making poor decisions.

Before this loss, Ronda Rousey had a combined record of 12-0, with three wins by knockout and nine by submission per  Her fights rarely lasted more than one round, and she was viewed as unbeatable by many people.

Many Boys’ Latin students enjoyed that Ronda Rousey lost.  Many people believed she was cocky and arrogant.  Many people are referring to this loss as karma.

Also, people are throwing Ronda Rousey’s tweet of, “Fake a** cheap shotting fake respect fake humility b**** – “preachers daughter” my a** – I see [in reference to Holly Holmes],” in her face after the huge loss.

Some people believe Ronda Rousey foreshadowed her loss in an interview with Jimmy Fallon.  She talked about how Holly Holmes would attempt to frustrate her, and she referred to Holly Holmes actually landing a kick to end the match.  It turns out this is exactly what happened.

Now that Rousey has lost, many people question whether this will impact the viewership of women’s UFC. When asked about the impact this loss will have on the viewership for women’s UFC, junior Walker Santos said, “I think it will hurt viewership.  Ronda Rousey seemed unbeatable, which made it fun to watch.  But now we know she’s not [unbeatable].”

Others believe this could actually help the viewership.  When asked about the potential of a decline of a viewership proceeding the loss, Boys’ Latin senior Mitchell Casper said, “I think it will help.  If they have a rematch, a lot of people are going to watch.”

It will be interesting to see how Rousey reacts to this loss after she recovers from the injuries suffered in the match.

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