ISIS Threatens War on U.S. and Europe

Days after the notorious series of Paris attacks that killed 132 people by gunfire and suicide bombings took place on November 13th, a video threat was posted on YouTube by the worldwide known group Isis. The video is around 12 minutes long and is full of threats telling countries to leave them alone and back off or they would attack reported by USA News.

After the Paris attacks, the French have been sending airstrikes into Syria and Iraq to bomb the Isis headquarters in an attempt to control them and stop. The plan is t0 stop them from making any more advancements and attacks on neighboring countries stated by USA News

In the video, an Isis militant who calls himself Ajkrar Al-Iraq, said, “We tell countries participating in the crusader campaign: We swear that you will experience a similar day to the one that France experiences; since if we have struck France in its heart – in Paris – then we swear that we will strike America at its heart – in Washington” according to USA Today.

The video also warned European nations not to interfere with creating a caliphate from Syria to Iraq which is a form of an Islamic government controlled by a caliph, a believed successor of the prophet Muhammad.

“I say to European countries: We are coming to you with car bombs and explosions. We are coming to you with explosive vests and silencers. You cannot respond to us because we are far stronger now than we were before,” another speaker named Abu Gharib Al-Jazae’ri mentioned in the video warning European countries also reported by USA Today.

All these threats have people on edge worrying about what Isis are planning for their next attack. Isis mentioned that they have undercover militants in 15 of the United States. Isis stated, “this is only the beginning” and the militant soldiers are laying low until further orders reported by Fox News.

Isis also mentions that out of the 71 soldiers in the states, 23 of them are trained to pull out attacks like what happened in Paris. They also mentioned five states out of the 15 have soldiers in them, which include: Maryland, Virgina, Illinois, Michigan, and California also reported by Fox News.

The attacks are said to be slowly spread out through a six-month period while Isis intends on spreading the caliphate through Syria and Iraq all the way to the United States. Many citizens at this point in time are scared due to these videos, but the United States intelligence forces informed Fox News directly that they take threats against the United States very seriously, and this will not be taken lightly.

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