Black Friday Exceeds One Day

Black Friday in the past only took place on that day, but now it takes place throughout the entire week with unbelievable deals. Department stores have taken a different approach which allows shoppers to order things online in order to increase their profit margins.

However, there are stores that planned to not participate in Black Friday and have decided to close. They are: Babies R Us, BJs, Cabela’s, Costco, Gamestop, Half Price Books and others.

For stores like Walmart, deals will not be hard to find at all but instead will be right in front of consumers. This year’s Walmart big deal is a brand new 50 inch TV for only $150 according to deals news.

Another exciting deal is that online stores are now participating in Black Friday. This year, Amazon has decided to take part in Black Friday instead of only holding Cyber Monday deals. Amazon also has unbelievable deals which include a $99.99 Kindle Paperwhite, $30 off Kindle, Kindle for Kids Bundle, and a $34.99 Fire 7-inch tablet according to Forbes.

Black Friday is not just filled with great deals but also a headache that requires participants to know what is going on at all times.  In past years, adults and even children have been injured as a result of going out shopping on this day as many customers are angered that they did not get an item and decided to take it from one another. This year, a number of injuries sustained should be reduced due to the fact online shopping deals are at their peak.

But with that in mind, the first day of shopping will still be somewhat similar due to the fact that everyone is going to want first dibs on those big ticket items with Christmas approaching. For senior Nate Puciato, his go-to item for Black Friday will be a pair of shoes, while Mrs. Rosiak, learning specialist, doesn’t see any big ticket items worth getting out of bed for.

With all this mind, if participants do plan on shopping on black Friday, remember to know what’s going on around at all times. If a consumer is not comfortable with large groups of people that is great because online shopping is available for consumers to participate in.

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