Hardy’s Decisions Put Reputation Into Question

Greg Hardy has been under a lot of scrutiny this past year for a domestic violence charge against him by his previous girlfriend. There were numerous photos taken and released of his ex-girlfriend’s full body bruises, and he was released by the Carolina Panthers. After being picked up by the Dallas Cowboys, he has gained more attention by skipping and coming late to team meetings and practices.

Greg Hardy was found guilty of assaulting a female and communicating threats. The accuser, a 24-year-old cocktail waitress, said, “He looked me in my eyes and he told me he was going to kill me,” ESPN reported.  There were numerous photographs taken; one of the victim’s photos is below.


A few days after the hearing in court, Hardy posted his Twitter bio to read “innocent until proven guilty.” Although this is how the legal system in the United States works, one would think that this professional athlete would have some remorse about being charged with domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is a topic with great sensitivity, and the Twitter bio shows that Hardy is not remorseful.

Ryan Shaw, class of 2016, said, “The NFL should suspend Greg Hardy for longer, especially [for] those people who are associated with relationship violence. These professionals are seen as role models and need to act as such.”

Hardy was released from the Carolina Panthers after these facts were established in court. Although Greg Hardy recorded 26 sacks in the last two seasons, the Panthers are very sensitive about domestic abuse cases, according to ESPN. The Dallas Cowboys picked him up after the Panthers released him.

Since Greg Hardy has arrived in Dallas, he has missed – and has been late for – several team practices and meetings. Greg Hardy, although a decent football player, draws most of his attention from the media through terrible off-the-field decisions.

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