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‘Star Wars’ Hype Goes Through Roof

On October 18th, the ‘Star Wars’ franchise released on twitter an official poster and a statement to tune into Monday Night Football for more on the new ‘Star Wars’ movie. That night, the tweet was favorited over 30,000 times and retweeted over 32,000 times.

Once the word spread that a sneak peak or trailer for ‘Star Wars’ would be shown on Monday Night Football, the viewings skyrocketed. The original teaser trailer on Youtube racked up 40 million views in three days while the second teaser trailer had over 200 million in about a month as recorded by CNN.

CNN also posted on their website that there were so many people eager to see the movie that the popular ticket booking websites Fandango and crashed shortly after the trailer was announced. tweeted back at a concerned citizen asking about the crash saying, “That’s what happens when an entire nation unites to buy tix for one movie in the same night!”

Both of the websites were restored later that evening and within a few days, the first week of all theaters for ‘Star Wars’ was sold out according to ABC News.

The new movie takes place 30 years after the events that occurred in the most recent ‘Star Wars’ movie, ‘Return of the Jedi.’ Other than this minor detail, the producer J.J. Abrams has remained secret for the purpose of anticipation reported by Fox News.

Many details such as the design of the Stormtroopers and the popular tie fighters have been modernized to have a more menacing  and detailed appearance. Also, a new villain, who makes an appearance in the movie’s trailer, adds tremendous suspense.

On Fox News, one frequently asked question people have been asking is, “Where is Luke Skywalker?” He hasn’t appeared in the poster posted by ‘Star Wars’, and he was also missing from the trailer. When Googled, the actor Mark Hamill comes up for the upcoming movie, but where is he?

In school, the hype for the ‘Star Wars’ movie is through the roof. The Tuesday after the trailer was released, students were franticly looking online to find a theater near them that wasn’t sold out for the first week. People were forced to move their viewing of the movie weeks or even months past the release date.

According to, ‘Star Wars’ is easily the most anticipated movie of the year knocking the movie, ‘Age of Ultron’ down the chart. Phil Contrino, who is a Hollywood Reporter, said that “‘The Force Awakens’ will hit one billion without blinking. If it’s really good, it could cross two billion.”

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