Isis Attacks France

On Friday, November 13, the Islamic terrorist group Isis attacked Paris, France. The attacks left about 129 dead and nearly 99 people in critical condition. According to United States president Barack Obama, the attacks on Paris were an attack on all of humanity.

The terrorist attacks in Paris took place in various locations. Islamic extremists invaded a concert venue, held the concert goers hostage, and eventually killed them. The two terrorists that killed those in the concert venue were eventually killed.

Another attack occurred near the soccer stadium in Paris. A suicide bomber attempted to enter the stadium in hopes of killing a large number of people. Luckily, the security discovered the weapons this man was possessing, and they didn’t allow him into the stadium; he instead set the bombs off outside of the stadium.

If he had entered the stadium or coordinated the attack on the crowd, this could have been a much more devastating attack.

These attacks have had different effects on different country’s leadership’s views on Isis. America has given their full support to France, but they also have not changed their scheme to attack Isis.

France, on the other hand, has made it clear they will not tolerate this type of behavior. French president Francois Holland said, “France will destroy Isis.”

Some members of France have called for troops to be on the ground, but the message that is being sent by France is that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to end Isis.

Other countries such as Russia have also declared that they want to put an end to Isis.

The attack Isis committed has been a true wake up call to many countries. People are not viewing Isis as a small threat anymore, as they have proved that they are capable of destruction.

This horrible experience could possibly bring out some positive results. Countries are now raising their level of intel., which can be seen as France stopped another terrorist attack just days after the attacks of November 13th.

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