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Blacksauce Bakes Flavorful Biscuits

The Blacksauce Kitchen, a mobile food company located in Baltimore, provides a vibrant atmosphere for all with their addictive, signature mouthwatering biscuit sandwiches.

They have two main locations where you can find them on a weekly basis.  The Waverly Market on Saturday mornings and under the JFX Market on Sundays.

Their menu changes almost every weekend.  This past weekend aIMG_0495t the Waverly, they served: lamb sausage & free range egg, roasted chicken with smoked apricot jam, roasted pumpkin with arugula & maple rosemary butter, and smoked cinnamon apple cider.

I had the roasted chicken with smoked apricot jam.  The sandwich was delicious.  The roasted chicken and smoked apricot jam blended in perfectly with each other to create a to-die-for sandwich.

The weekend prior at Waverly included beef cheek & free range egg, roasted chicken with spicy honey, roasted pumpkin with maple butter & arugula, and smoked cinnamon apple cider.

They cook everything right in front of you.  Their set up is very simple.  They have two tables that surround them; one table is for ordering and paying and the other is the space where the flavors come alive.

Damian Mosely is the main cook at Blacksauce.  He is the creator of all the abstract menus that are off the charts.

The line always stretches back about 18 people deep.  The food is crafted in a timely matter so the line never gets too big.

There are a decent amount of regular customers who go to Blacksauce every weekend.  Good vibes surround the environment.  Customers make small talk with each other and the cashier while waiting in line, and a man plays a guitar a few feet away making the wait a little more enjoyable.

The Blacksauce Kitchen is very appealing to most people at local markets. Since they are a farm-to-table company, many of the people who go to the markets are already looking for local fresh products, and Blacksauce fits right into their sweet spots.

Blacksauce is very fortunate when it comes to competition.  They are pretty much the only ones who serve actual breakfast/lunch meals at the local markets.  They do have competitors who make crepes and omelets, but besides that they are up against loads of fresh local produce stands.

Blacksauce is very interactive with its customers through social media.  They communicate with their customers mainly through Facebook.

On Facebook, they post about two to three times a week letting people know where they are going to be set up and what their menus will look like.

Many customers even leave positive comments on their Facebook page and ask questions about how their menu will look for upcoming events.

Nancy Poole from Facebook commented on Blacksauces’s page exclaiming, “Only 2 things get me up early on a Saturday and your biscuit sandwiches are one!!!!!”

In regard to last weekend’s menu, Jessica Schatra wrote on the Blacksauce Facebook page, “Thanks for my roasted apple biscuit this morning. I love starting my Saturdays with y’all!”

Blacksauce is also a great venue for kids.  Many kids enjoy the music while waiting in line, and the markets provide a very relaxing and safe environment, too.

The Blacksauce Kitchen is a great vendor for markets.  They only intend on creating the finest of foods with the freshest and most local products they can get.  The Blacksauce Kitchen certainly gives the communities they serve and Baltimore a biscuit heaven.

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