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New Season Means New Sports

The winter sports season has officially started, and some teams will experience big changes this year. Whether it be hockey that lost 14 seniors or the basketball team that lost a key component, all players must step up and perform at a high level. While the wrestling team lost a leader and the squash team is looking pretty good this season, the winter sports teams have no choice but to put everything in to have winning records.

After winning a championship in 2014, the basketball team is hopeful to have a good season as they have entered the A conference. Without their former starter Kodye Pugh, Kenny Lewis, Jaylin Andrews, and Brandon Bradsher must step up to the plate and fill this void that it is now open with him gone.

Kenny Lewis believes that their hardest task “will be their rebounding since they are a smaller team.” But without a doubt, the basketball team must play great because there is little room for flaws in the A conference.

For the hockey team, things will be a lot different as they lost 14 seniors from last year. Patrick McDermot, a sophomore on the team, thinks that “the team needs to improvements on its skating and its chemistry.” After not having such a great season in 2014, the team plans to have a better season this year.

Following the 2014 season, it had been decided that the squash team would move to the B conference. Grant Adams, a senior on the team, thinks that this “will give an edge up.” This means that they will have a better chance in their new division since the competition is not that high.

This year’s wrestling team lacked leadership, so to fill the void of Rocco Bruno, Nate  Malinowski has stepped up to become the team’s leader. But what makes this team different from last year is that they are now under the leadership of Mr. Sargeant who has a major focus on conditioning. The freshmen this year are pretty impressive said Nate Malinowski.

But for all four sports teams, a title for the place they call home won’t be easy to grasp, but they are willing to work towards it as a whole. Losing is not an option from this point on.

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