Machado Wins Second Golden Glove

The Orioles’ 23-year-old third baseman Manny Machado clears more room on his trophy shelf: he has won his second Golden Glove in three years. In a topsy-turvy season for the Orioles, Machado’s defensive brilliance allows him to be the best third baseman in the American League.

Despite coming off injury, Machado has been a rock in the infield especially consistent in his defensive efforts. According to, his defensive wins above replacement stat was good enough for sixth in the league, behind a certain Adrian Beltre whom many believed was the favorite.

Many fans expect nothing less from the youngster, already garnering league-wide perception as among the best fielders in the league. But his game is much, much more than mere stats. Machado’s late game heroics in scooping a barehander that simply was meant for the glove seldom go unnoticed by the spectator.  Certainly, fans pay for the whole seat, but when spectators see a ball trickling anywhere near the third base side, they will only need the edge of it. 200 (1)

It has not been easy for Machado, who suffered a significant amount of knee problems in recent years. His rookie season, he tore a ligament in his left knee, and has been somewhat worrisome since. Last year as well, he tore the same ligament in his right knee. It felt awful seeing such a young and talented player go down knowing that injuries can change players’ careers.

But Machado persevered, excelled in training, and was back on a rehab assignment sooner than previously thought. Now with both of his knees repaired, there is no possible way he could possibly be injured again.

Now, after overcoming many obstacles, Machado proudly earns his second Golden Glove. A season plagued by a miserable starting rotation, Orioles fans can celebrate something. After all, the Orioles have had the best defense in the entire MLB for the past three years.

His second award comes with an interesting fact; the only other player to win multiple Golden Gloves in the third base position is none other than Orioles legend and Hall of Famer, Brooks Robinson. Many times in his short career, Machado has been compared to the legend. Most recently, Machado noted that he was very “proud and astonished” in an interview with the Baltimore Sun shortly after his award.


Striking similarities in play

And although many Orioles fans were too young to watch Robinson play live, the third basemen actually even play very similar. If Machado is only half as good as the 16 time consecutive Golden Glove winner, then the Orioles are in luck. interview Machado had post award celebration.

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