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Boys’ Latin 2015 Look-Alikes by Mark Gray and Andrew Murrow

Welcome to the 2015 edition of Boys’ Latin look-alikes.  This year, the look-alikes range from student to student comparisons to comparisons of famous actors.  

The first look-alike is a Boys’ Latin’s senior, Jeremy Greenberg, who closely resembles fellow Laker, freshman Tommy Calder.  These two students have been compared often, which makes sense as their appearances are very similar.

When asked about the resemblance, senior Colin Shimp said, “They both look like tomatoes when they wear red.”

Freshman Tommy Calder

Senior Jeremy Greenberg

Senior Jeremy Greenberg

The next look-alike is Boys’ Latin math teacher (with hair), Evan Wilson, who looks nearly identical to actor Joe Gnaffo.  Joe Gnaffo is most famous for his role as the little person in the movie ‘The Benchwarmers.’  This look-alike was discovered last year as students first saw a picture of Mr. Wilson when he had a full head of hair.  

When asked about the comparison, Mr. Wilson said, “at least I’m taller than him.”  Mr. Wilson conceded that he, in fact, resembled physical characteristics that Joe Gnafo possesses.

Teacher, Evan Wilson.

Center, Teacher Evan Wilson

Actor Joe Gnaffo

Actor Joe Gnaffo

The third look-a-like is a Boys’ Latin senior, Cameron Miller, who closely resembles fellow Laker Tyler Bennett.  When hearing about the comparison, Tyler said, “So that’s why everyone calls me tall Miller.”  


Senior Cameron Miller


Freshman Tyler Bennett, AKA “Tall Miller”

Jaylin Andrews closely resembles NBA basketball player Rashaad Vaughn.  When asked about this topic, Dajuan Felder said, “They’re both OK at basketball I guess.  They definitely are a look-alikes.”  


The next look-alike is a Boys’ Latin’s sophomore, JP Barbeau, whose physical appearance closely resembles that of Syndrome from the ‘Incredibles.’  When asked about this comparison, JP said, “Although being portrayed as a villain, Syndrome possesses the qualities I feel I do possess.  These qualities include the willingness to strive for greatness and good looks.”

image-4 syndrome

That concludes this year’s look-alikes.  Many Boys’ Latin members have faces and body types that closely resemble that of others.

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