E. coli Causes 43 Chipotle Franchises to Close

Chipotle, a Mexican grill that has stores throughout America, has had a sector of chains shut down after an E. coli scare. E Coli is bacteria that lives within animals and a person’s intestine. E Coli can cause a person to vomit, have explosive diarrhea, or even death.

In the cases for Chipotles in the northwest, no one has died, but a total of twenty three people have had to go to the hospital. This year alone Chipotle has had three food borne illnesses that have affected at least two dozen people according to ABC News. Those who have eaten at those Chipotles that have closed down are being advised to get checked out if they have symptoms.

But what makes these outbreaks unusual is that Chipotle promotes constantly how all there food is fresh and locally grown. E Coli comes in contact with the waste of an animal typically occurring during the slaughter period, according to About-E coli, and only becomes dangerous the moment that it comes in contact with food consumed by humans. 

It has not been reported what exactly was contaminated, but it is clear that until they figure out what caused the outbreak the stores will  remain closed. Already after the 43 chains closed, the stock dropped a total of 2.5% according to Yahoo.com. On average, each chain brings in about 2.5 million per year, and if these stores don’t open back up soon, that average will drop substantially.

This is not the first time this year that Chipotle has had a food borne illness. In early August, a few Chipotles in Minnesota were serving tomatoes that were contaminated with salmonella which made dozens of people sick according to Yahoo. Also in California, a norovirus sickened 100 customers and workers.

Portland was hit with a total of 19 people that have come forward saying that they have come down with E. coli.  But it is possible that the number of those who have been affected is a lot more than what it is because the average person may have just seen it as a typical sickness. 

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