China Loosens Child Birth Laws

The Chinese government has decided to dissolve the one child policy that started in 1979.

China’s communist party has encouraged this law, noting that 12% of the Chinese population is over 60. That means roughly 165 million people out of the 1.4 billion are not working. The economy has been dipping, and this proposed legislature is aimed to boost it according to Scientific American.

The state news agency Xinhua reported couples will be able to have two children, given there are already some exceptions. This change will not be immediate though as the law needs to be passed in March.

According to BBC, many couples may not opt for an additional child as a single child dynamic has become the norm. Years of ingrained notions that one must only have one child must culturally and emotionally affect a society.

China’s economy has gone down as well, resting at a GDP growth percentage of a little under 8% this year according to That figure is a 26 year low for the country. This figure is somewhat shocking for the economic titans and even for America who owes roughly $1.3 trillion to China.

Originally aimed to limit the booming population, China’s birth policies have only hindered their growth not only domestically but internationally as well. According to the BBC, there are roughly 33 million more men than women in China. There has always been a preference of boys over girls as they continue the family line.

The gender imbalance isn’t new to China as for years other nations have been worried of their staggering ratio. Their average of 115 boys to 100 girls is well above the global average of 107. At one point, the ratio peaked at 121.18 boys to girls.

Perhaps this new agenda can finally fill the voids this poorly perceived law imposed on Chinese citizens. Many studies, however, claim the opposite. According to Scientific American, a baby boom is extremely unlikely, and even if it happens, the economy will be limited.

There is now a lower percentage of mothers when the situation is delved into: mothers can’t have multiple births, so basically it is a one and done process. Statistically, the number of mothers decreases for each available male. It’s often joked that women should be nice to men because they are outnumbered, but the opposite dynamic is quite clear in China.

Hopefully, for the sake of the Chinese people, this menacing law can be stopped that has prevented 400 million births according to the BBC.

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