Avicii Releases New “Stories”

Tim Bergling is a 26-year-old from Stockholm, Sweden with more money, power, and fame than just about anyone else on the planet under the age of 30. He has consistently been recognized all over the world as one of the most successful and influential pioneers of his craft, but his name probably doesn’t ring any bells. That is because he prefers to go by his stage name, Avicii.

In Buddhism, “Avicii” is the lowest level of Hell. Bergling explained his choice of this DJ moniker to the Inquirer by saying that, “it sounded cool and I was honestly just looking for a MySpace name.” Since this fateful decision at the ripe age of just 18, Bergling has become the premiere name in electronic dance music (EDM), or “house music.”

Avicii has established himself as one of the absolute best at his job and has constantly been named as one of the top DJs and producers in the entire world.  He has accomplished more in the last five years in the realm of music and entertainment than most can hope to accomplish in a lifetime, and he is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

There are few 26-year-olds in this world who can boast a net worth of $75 million, multiple Grammy nominations, and an average ranking of #5 in the world for their profession over the last five years. Avicii is the exception, and he is now embarking on a new path for his music that has led to the release of his first two studio albums, “True” in 2013 and now “Stories” this year.

Avicii’s debut albums have signified a change in his musical style, and he has described them as more “song-oriented” than his previous works, such as “Levels”, where the tracks were dominated more by the beat than the lyrical content or vocals. This emphasis on “listening to music rather than hearing it” has brought Avicii’s music into the mainstream.

Many of Avicii’s newer tracks have become prominently featured all over the world. His song “Wake Me Up”, sung by Aloe Blacc, was played endlessly on the radio during the Summer of 2013, and “The Nights” was used for last year’s version of EA Sports’ FIFA video game.

His first studio album garnered positive reviews from music critics and reached the top ten in 15 countries, topping the list in the United States and elsewhere. “Stories” was only released just recently, but it is sure to find similar success. Avicii has truly redefined the parameters of electronic dance music on multiple occasions, and the story is no different this time around.

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