Hardy’s Decisions Put Reputation Into Question

Greg Hardy has been under a lot of scrutiny this past year for a domestic violence charge against him by his previous girlfriend. There were numerous photos taken and released of his ex-girlfriend’s full body bruises, and he was released by the Carolina Panthers. After being picked up by the Dallas Cowboys, he has gained more attention by skipping and coming late to team meetings and practices.

Greg Hardy was found guilty of assaulting a female and communicating threats. The accuser, a 24-year-old cocktail waitress, said, “He looked me in my eyes and he told me he was going to kill me,” ESPN reported.  There were numerous photographs taken; one of the victim’s photos is below.


A few days after the hearing in court, Hardy posted his Twitter bio to read “innocent until proven guilty.” Although this is how the legal system in the United States works, one would think that this professional athlete would have some remorse about being charged with domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is a topic with great sensitivity, and the Twitter bio shows that Hardy is not remorseful.

Ryan Shaw, class of 2016, said, “The NFL should suspend Greg Hardy for longer, especially [for] those people who are associated with relationship violence. These professionals are seen as role models and need to act as such.”

Hardy was released from the Carolina Panthers after these facts were established in court. Although Greg Hardy recorded 26 sacks in the last two seasons, the Panthers are very sensitive about domestic abuse cases, according to ESPN. The Dallas Cowboys picked him up after the Panthers released him.

Since Greg Hardy has arrived in Dallas, he has missed – and has been late for – several team practices and meetings. Greg Hardy, although a decent football player, draws most of his attention from the media through terrible off-the-field decisions.

Mullally Masters the Art of Teaching Math

Marget Mullally takes a new and different approach to teaching her twelfth-grade students the materials in her College Algebra course.

Ms. Mullally teaches her students using mostly problem sheets that are complete of almost all word problems. Word problems have presented themselves to students as some of the hardest problems to tackle.

When asked why she uses primarily word problems, Ms. Mullallly stated, “It’s something they are not used to working with, breaking down the problem; most students dread doing this.” She described that the ability to solve word problems are “the most applicable of the skills you are taught in any math course.”

Ms. Mullally is teaching her students math through word problems to push them into tackling problems that they normally would not be comfortable with. And also by breaking down the word problems, students develop a much more complex and better understanding of the material at hand.

Ms. Mullally believes that word problems are also the most applicable to real life. By familiarizing her students with word problems, she is exposing them to how math is applied in their everyday lives.

Ms. Mullally likes to have an interactive class and associate with every student. She will rarely lecture because she would rather have a class discussion to figure out strategies to solve problems.

Leaving the class to work amongst themselves and to help one another out allows her to work one-on-one with a student who is struggling with the latest concept. Or, when one student understands and solves a problem, but the rest are struggling, the student will teach the rest of the class how to do it.

“Math  is a universal language; your job as a mathematically literate person is to communicate your thoughts and ideas,” Ms. Mullally described. She teaches her students math as a language rather than a series of equations and graphs.

When asked what she wants her students to take away from her class, Ms. Mullally responded, “Confidence, and the joy of the journey of problem-solving; confidence that they can tackle any problem put in front of them and the ability to collaborate with any classmate on any given day.”

Ms. Mullallys’ goal is not just only to teach her students math but to shape them as people and help them better understand the world around them.

‘Spectre’ Review: Shaken, Not Stirred

The recently released ‘Spectre’ is the 24th installment in the storied James Bond film franchise, and Daniel Craig’s fourth and possibly final appearance as the fictitious British spy. Christoph Waltz stars alongside Craig as a stereotypically infamous Bond villain, and Sam Mendes returns as the director after previously working on ‘Skyfall’. It was not only the most expensive Bond film made to date, but also one of the ten most expensive movies in the history of cinema, with a budget of almost $250 million, according to Columbia Pictures.

The plot centers around James Bond’s initial encounters with Spectre, a worldwide organization of criminals. This group of evil masterminds has been referenced in Bond films before, most recently in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ (1971). The complicated storyline tragically attempts to tie together all of the Bond movies featuring Daniel Craig into one overarching conclusion, which seems like too far of a stretch for a film series usually focused on the individuality of each of its respective parts.

‘Spectre’ has been criticized for its predictable nature as well as its confusing and boring plot, which jumps around from country to country for no apparent reason. The action sequences in the movie are top-notch, which is to be expected from any James Bond adventure, but they fail to serve any real purpose as the aim of the movie seems misguided and inconsequential. The film focuses on cyber security and governmental authority, two relevant topics in the modern world, but boring nonetheless.

‘Spectre’ was released on October 26th in the United Kingdom and November 6th in the United States, and it has received mixed reviews from the general public as well as from film critics. The foremost complaints with the movie are for its length – it clocks in at around two and a half hours – and its storyline, which seems too convoluted to interest even the most hardcore James Bond fan. Despite all of this, the film has grossed nearly $550 million dollars in less than a month since its hyped release, according to MGM.

James Bond is and always will be one of the most recognizable names on the planet. The Bond franchise is a timeless brand with millions of fans all over the world, and its distinctive aura will never be understated, no matter the quality of the latest Bond film. Although ‘Spectre’ might not have hit the mark in the way that ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Skyfall’ did, it is still James Bond.

In my opinion, ‘Spectre’ fell flat because it tried to grasp concepts farther than it could reach. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have superb acting and the familiar feel of James Bond, but it leaves something to be desired in its attempt to cross lines that the previous Bond films never dared to approach. The movie takes itself too seriously at times and ends up leaving the audience feeling more shaken than stirred.

‘Star Wars’ Hype Goes Through Roof

On October 18th, the ‘Star Wars’ franchise released on twitter an official poster and a statement to tune into Monday Night Football for more on the new ‘Star Wars’ movie. That night, the tweet was favorited over 30,000 times and retweeted over 32,000 times.

Once the word spread that a sneak peak or trailer for ‘Star Wars’ would be shown on Monday Night Football, the viewings skyrocketed. The original teaser trailer on Youtube racked up 40 million views in three days while the second teaser trailer had over 200 million in about a month as recorded by CNN.

CNN also posted on their website that there were so many people eager to see the movie that the popular ticket booking websites Fandango and Movietickets.com crashed shortly after the trailer was announced. Movietickets.com tweeted back at a concerned citizen asking about the crash saying, “That’s what happens when an entire nation unites to buy tix for one movie in the same night!”

Both of the websites were restored later that evening and within a few days, the first week of all theaters for ‘Star Wars’ was sold out according to ABC News.

The new movie takes place 30 years after the events that occurred in the most recent ‘Star Wars’ movie, ‘Return of the Jedi.’ Other than this minor detail, the producer J.J. Abrams has remained secret for the purpose of anticipation reported by Fox News.

Many details such as the design of the Stormtroopers and the popular tie fighters have been modernized to have a more menacing  and detailed appearance. Also, a new villain, who makes an appearance in the movie’s trailer, adds tremendous suspense.

On Fox News, one frequently asked question people have been asking is, “Where is Luke Skywalker?” He hasn’t appeared in the poster posted by ‘Star Wars’, and he was also missing from the trailer. When Googled, the actor Mark Hamill comes up for the upcoming movie, but where is he?

In school, the hype for the ‘Star Wars’ movie is through the roof. The Tuesday after the trailer was released, students were franticly looking online to find a theater near them that wasn’t sold out for the first week. People were forced to move their viewing of the movie weeks or even months past the release date.

According to Cinemablend.com, ‘Star Wars’ is easily the most anticipated movie of the year knocking the movie, ‘Age of Ultron’ down the chart. Phil Contrino, who is a Hollywood Reporter, said that “‘The Force Awakens’ will hit one billion without blinking. If it’s really good, it could cross two billion.”

Blacksauce Bakes Flavorful Biscuits

The Blacksauce Kitchen, a mobile food company located in Baltimore, provides a vibrant atmosphere for all with their addictive, signature mouthwatering biscuit sandwiches.

They have two main locations where you can find them on a weekly basis.  The Waverly Market on Saturday mornings and under the JFX Market on Sundays.

Their menu changes almost every weekend.  This past weekend aIMG_0495t the Waverly, they served: lamb sausage & free range egg, roasted chicken with smoked apricot jam, roasted pumpkin with arugula & maple rosemary butter, and smoked cinnamon apple cider.

I had the roasted chicken with smoked apricot jam.  The sandwich was delicious.  The roasted chicken and smoked apricot jam blended in perfectly with each other to create a to-die-for sandwich.

The weekend prior at Waverly included beef cheek & free range egg, roasted chicken with spicy honey, roasted pumpkin with maple butter & arugula, and smoked cinnamon apple cider.

They cook everything right in front of you.  Their set up is very simple.  They have two tables that surround them; one table is for ordering and paying and the other is the space where the flavors come alive.

Damian Mosely is the main cook at Blacksauce.  He is the creator of all the abstract menus that are off the charts.

The line always stretches back about 18 people deep.  The food is crafted in a timely matter so the line never gets too big.

There are a decent amount of regular customers who go to Blacksauce every weekend.  Good vibes surround the environment.  Customers make small talk with each other and the cashier while waiting in line, and a man plays a guitar a few feet away making the wait a little more enjoyable.

The Blacksauce Kitchen is very appealing to most people at local markets. Since they are a farm-to-table company, many of the people who go to the markets are already looking for local fresh products, and Blacksauce fits right into their sweet spots.

Blacksauce is very fortunate when it comes to competition.  They are pretty much the only ones who serve actual breakfast/lunch meals at the local markets.  They do have competitors who make crepes and omelets, but besides that they are up against loads of fresh local produce stands.

Blacksauce is very interactive with its customers through social media.  They communicate with their customers mainly through Facebook.

On Facebook, they post about two to three times a week letting people know where they are going to be set up and what their menus will look like.

Many customers even leave positive comments on their Facebook page and ask questions about how their menu will look for upcoming events.

Nancy Poole from Facebook commented on Blacksauces’s page exclaiming, “Only 2 things get me up early on a Saturday and your biscuit sandwiches are one!!!!!”

In regard to last weekend’s menu, Jessica Schatra wrote on the Blacksauce Facebook page, “Thanks for my roasted apple biscuit this morning. I love starting my Saturdays with y’all!”

Blacksauce is also a great venue for kids.  Many kids enjoy the music while waiting in line, and the markets provide a very relaxing and safe environment, too.

The Blacksauce Kitchen is a great vendor for markets.  They only intend on creating the finest of foods with the freshest and most local products they can get.  The Blacksauce Kitchen certainly gives the communities they serve and Baltimore a biscuit heaven.

Isis Attacks France

On Friday, November 13, the Islamic terrorist group Isis attacked Paris, France. The attacks left about 129 dead and nearly 99 people in critical condition. According to United States president Barack Obama, the attacks on Paris were an attack on all of humanity.

The terrorist attacks in Paris took place in various locations. Islamic extremists invaded a concert venue, held the concert goers hostage, and eventually killed them. The two terrorists that killed those in the concert venue were eventually killed.

Another attack occurred near the soccer stadium in Paris. A suicide bomber attempted to enter the stadium in hopes of killing a large number of people. Luckily, the security discovered the weapons this man was possessing, and they didn’t allow him into the stadium; he instead set the bombs off outside of the stadium.

If he had entered the stadium or coordinated the attack on the crowd, this could have been a much more devastating attack.

These attacks have had different effects on different country’s leadership’s views on Isis. America has given their full support to France, but they also have not changed their scheme to attack Isis.

France, on the other hand, has made it clear they will not tolerate this type of behavior. French president Francois Holland said, “France will destroy Isis.”

Some members of France have called for troops to be on the ground, but the message that is being sent by France is that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to end Isis.

Other countries such as Russia have also declared that they want to put an end to Isis.

The attack Isis committed has been a true wake up call to many countries. People are not viewing Isis as a small threat anymore, as they have proved that they are capable of destruction.

This horrible experience could possibly bring out some positive results. Countries are now raising their level of intel., which can be seen as France stopped another terrorist attack just days after the attacks of November 13th.

New Season Means New Sports

The winter sports season has officially started, and some teams will experience big changes this year. Whether it be hockey that lost 14 seniors or the basketball team that lost a key component, all players must step up and perform at a high level. While the wrestling team lost a leader and the squash team is looking pretty good this season, the winter sports teams have no choice but to put everything in to have winning records.

After winning a championship in 2014, the basketball team is hopeful to have a good season as they have entered the A conference. Without their former starter Kodye Pugh, Kenny Lewis, Jaylin Andrews, and Brandon Bradsher must step up to the plate and fill this void that it is now open with him gone.

Kenny Lewis believes that their hardest task “will be their rebounding since they are a smaller team.” But without a doubt, the basketball team must play great because there is little room for flaws in the A conference.

For the hockey team, things will be a lot different as they lost 14 seniors from last year. Patrick McDermot, a sophomore on the team, thinks that “the team needs to improvements on its skating and its chemistry.” After not having such a great season in 2014, the team plans to have a better season this year.

Following the 2014 season, it had been decided that the squash team would move to the B conference. Grant Adams, a senior on the team, thinks that this “will give an edge up.” This means that they will have a better chance in their new division since the competition is not that high.

This year’s wrestling team lacked leadership, so to fill the void of Rocco Bruno, Nate  Malinowski has stepped up to become the team’s leader. But what makes this team different from last year is that they are now under the leadership of Mr. Sargeant who has a major focus on conditioning. The freshmen this year are pretty impressive said Nate Malinowski.

But for all four sports teams, a title for the place they call home won’t be easy to grasp, but they are willing to work towards it as a whole. Losing is not an option from this point on.