Louisville Basketball Scandal: Dancers and Recruits

The Louisville basketball program is currently being investigated for reports surfacing of former assistant coach and director of operations, Andre McGee, hosting and paying for sex parties on campus in an effort to sway recruits to sign.

Andre McGee had been the full-time assistant at University of Missouri in Kansas City, and recently resigned from his position at the school commenting on the “false allegations.” He has been on paid administrative lead since the circulation of allegations.

Over the course of  2010-2014, McGee is accused of paying the dancers over $10,000 to interact and put on a show for recruits and players.  Players interviewed by Outside the Lines, a television series on ESPN, stated that they attended these parties first as recruits visiting the school and again as players.

Another popular occurrence was a “side deal” in which Katina Powell, the lead dancer and escort, said was very common.  Powell took $10,000 over the four years she was supplying dancers, and this number did not include the hundreds of one dollar bills that McGee supplied to the players to throw out during parties.

Even on top of that, McGee would ask recruits which dancer they preferred and set up these side deals in which he would pay whatever amount of money to Powell for the players to do what they do behind closed doors in the dormitory.

A $10,000 minimum and over two dozen parties, as well as bills and side deals, all add up to a lot more than the amount sources are stating. McGee still denies all allegations even though Powell brings a strong argument of evidence to the table. Head coach Pitino also denies everything and stated if it was going on, he was no part.

But honestly, as Powell said in her interview on ESPN, “Four years. A boatload of recruits. A boatload of dancers. Loud music. Alcohol. Security. Cameras. Basketball players who came in at will. You got players that are so loyal to Pitino. Who wouldn’t be like, hey, you know, we got dancers and sex and all that going on? My thing is how could he not know?”

Louisville has been a basketball dynasty in the NCAA for many years under head coach Rick Pitino. They won the NCAA tournament in 2013. It will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds and who was involved or knew about it. It could be detrimental to the Louisville basketball program as well as leave a mark on Coach Pitino’s legacy if this all turns out to be true and he turned a blind eye to it.






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