Impact Team Hacks Ashley Maddison

Ashley Madison is an online dating site that appeals to people that plan on stepping outside of their marriage to have fun. In total, the online dating site has a total of 32 million members spread throughout 26 countries as reported by Ibtimes. But the issue at hand is that the online dating site has been hacked and has released online data of its users. 

The people behind this act are known as the Impact Team. The Impact Team is known to expose problems that are not morally not okay. For them, committing adultery is something that affects society as a whole.

 So far, the Impact Team has already leaked a total of 9.6 million credit card transactions to the dark web. But the company has agreed to delete all of the information entirely which will end up costing them a total of $1 million to fix according to CNN.

The hack took place in the month of January, but the information was not leaked until July. According to Spanish police, “Spanish users of the site have come forward to authorities saying they are being blackmailed.

It is now October and those who have been affected by the hack are being blackmailed by citizens of Spain according to IBtimes. In Spain, there are a total of 1.1 million users, but with even that in mind, the Spanish police have agreed to crack down on those extorting these people.

In today’s world, it doesn’t take rocket science to access the emails that were leaked; it is now regular practice on the internet. By just typing in an email address onto a site that generates whether or not the email has been compromised can tell anyone if a particularly website has been accessed. What makes this not okay is that it goes against the privacy settings of the site.

What made this hack so popular is that the site made a promise to its users that their accounts would never be able to be hacked. The long, drawn out privacy settings promised to not only not release names but keep everyone anonymous. But for many people, the trust in Ashley Madison’s site has gone elsewhere. 

The 35 gb of data that were taken was taken by “hacktivists” that don’t support those who lie like those behind the dating site Ashley Madison. They are not doing this for money but to better the society as a whole.

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