Boys’ Latin Productions Presents ‘Of Mice and Men’

On October 21, I took the time to see Boys’ Latin’s play “Of Mice and Men.” The four major elements touched on are the costumes, lighting, set, and sound all played into the well-produced production.

The costumes were very believable for the time period that the play was set in, which was the 1930s. Old ragged caps and hats were worn, giving the image they were working on a farm. Dirty jeans and overalls were also worn to get the image across that it was a dusty farm on acres of barren land.

Next was the lighting, something I find the most important. The lighting in the play was outstanding to me for many reasons.

Mixed colors of light shined down, giving the image of light shining down through the cracks of the barn wall. The moonlight was also very well done with a mix of white and blue light that only came from the corner which made it very realistic and took the audience straight into the world in which the characters were living.

MIce and Men_150

Senior Mark Gray as Lennie and sophomore Francis Nnanna as Crooks have a one on one personal chat.

Another huge part which can make the play good or bad is the set. The stage crew who designed the set knocked it out of the park. A huge barn wall was constructed that was made of wood and had shovels attached to it. Instead of painting it on the wall, the stage crew made the entire wall by hand which added to the realism tremendously.

Hay was also spread out across the ground also adding to the realism. It was lightly scattered across the floor giving it a perfect representation of the barn floor. I feel like if they added any more it would have been too much and any less it wouldn’t have been as believable.

The entrance and exit points were strategically placed in the barn wall making it seem like actors were rushing in and out of the barn. There was no entrance point that seemed like the actor came out of nowhere. The sudden appearance of actors rushing in certainly kept the audience on their toes.

The last thing that I want to mention is the sound. I wasn’t too pleased with the sound since it only seemed to come from one corner of the room. It was a single speaker that would play sounds as in a wolf howl or gun shots.

When the sound was played, it was very sudden and came without warning which scared the audience. I watched as the audience nearest to the speaker jumped when the wolf howled multiple times. There were no background sounds such as leaves rustling or dust blowing, either of which I thought would have helped set the scene more.

Something I did think was good was the live guitarist. He moved around the set when a blackout of the lights occurred. He softly played his guitar in the corner of the set which gave a Western country feel.

MIce and Men_079

Senior Mark Gray as Lennie and junior Garrett Glaeser as George sit at the table of their new home.

Aside from the poor sound quality through the speakers, I believe this play was fantastic and would have happily gone again if I had the time. All the actors and directors did a fantastic job putting the play together.

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