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Inside Look to ‘Of Mice and Men’

Mrs. Molling leads her unique and talented crew into the Sheridan Theater at The Boys’ Latin School to perform a much anticipated version “Of Mice and Men” opening on Tuesday, October 20th.

Auditions are the first to take place in a long process of creating a final product.  Mrs. Molling carefully selects talented students for spots in the play.  After Mrs. Molling finalizes the roles, the cast then individually memorizes their lines.

Once the cast members memorize their lines, they go over each scene one at a time with Mrs. Molling directing. Mark Gray, who will be playing Lenny, said, “I have a ridiculous sum of lines, just a lot of lines, and we have to prepare by just getting those lines down so we can feel comfortable on stage.”  Mark and his fellow cast mates also must prepare and learn how to play their unique characters.

Mark’s character, Lenny, is a middle-aged man, but he acts as a 5-year-old.  Mark said, “I really just have to put my mindset in one of a 5-year-old.” Mrs. Molling goes over each of the cast members’ roles and how to play them.  

The crew does not only consist of actors but also an assistant director, lights and sound manager, stage manager, set builder, scenic artist, and light board runner.  All of these roles play an important part to the success of the performance.  

Andrew Haynes, a junior, who is the assistant director of the play, is very excited for the upcoming production.  He oversees each scene and perfects any flaw that can be seen.  Mrs. Molling is very pleased to have Andrew by her side at all times.  

Currently, all cast and crew members meet every night to do full run-throughs of the play.  They work on weekdays after school and even have to put in time on weekends as well.  The crew is amped and looking forward to entertaining folks with the hard work that they have put in.

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