Braces Annoy High School Students

Braces are a part of life for many American children with an overbite, underbite, or just crooked teeth. Braces involve pain and everyday struggles such as getting food stuck in one’s teeth. Braces are well worth the struggle once they are off, and everyone is able to see pearly white teeth afterward.

Students like Mark Gray had braces in lower school and middle school. “It was common; everyone had them all around the same time. It wasn’t a big deal. It was more common to have them rather than to not,” Mark explained.

Braces in lower and middle school is a typical part of life. For the select few who wait and have to get braces in high school is where social struggles begin.

Rowan Bartell is an example of a student with braces in high school. He regularly gets made fun of and laughed at for having braces in high school.

“I had a really bad overbite; I could literally fit two or three fingers between my teeth,” Rowan said describing his previous teeth. Rowan had braces for three miserable years, but “they were well worth it in the end,” he concluded.

“As a male you like women, and women like you more without braces…simple as that,” Rowan exclaimed. The physical appearance of braces is what most high schoolers complain about. Everyone wants straight teeth, and the process involved causes frustration and pain.

About every four weeks, the orthodontist tightens the individual’s braces, which causes enormous pain to his teeth.  This process is extremely painful for about two or three days. Individuals normally stay away from solid foods and can only eat soups and soft or mashed foods.

Rowan encounters problems everytime he eats food: “When you eat food such as apples, I love apples, they always gets stuck in my teeth.” Often students carry around toothbrushes or toothpicks just so they can clean their teeth after eating.

“I always had to brush my teeth. Now without them, I can floss easy and life is good,” Mark said. Many individuals with braces go out and buy a waterflosser just so they floss their teeth properly because traditional floss is near to impossible with braces.

It is great to have straight teeth,” Mark said.

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