Nate Malinowski: Twin at Birth, Single Since

Nate Malinowski has been a Laker since third grade, and some may not know that he actually has a twin brother in the upper school that is just as athletic but carries himself differently.

His brother’s name is Nick, and even though they are fraternal and don’t look much alike, they share a ton of similarities in athletic facets.

Nate plays three sports: soccer, wrestling, and lacrosse.  Although a manager last year, Nate has been on and off playing the sport and is more determined than ever to try out and make an impact as a senior on the team this year. He’s a midfielder and played club this past summer after he felt something missing  junior year.

Nate is currently looking to play lacrosse in college at numerous Division 2 institutions as well as at Division 3.  He could very possibly follow his older brother Alex down at Shorter University in Georgia.

Nick doesn’t play lacrosse anymore, but what the two share most in common is that they’re both right backs on the soccer team.  These two twin brothers have been competing for the same position their whole life.

The Malinowski brothers are very skilled wrestlers and are invited to Team Maryland almost every year.  Nick wrestles 120 and Nate is a little heavier at 152 with both earning prestigious awards as 3x All-state.

The twins take after their father, Bruce, a legendary high school wrestler with only one loss.  He went on to be an All-American at Missouri.

One hilarious story of the twin brothers was all the way back when they were nine years old and had a wrestling tournament in Ocean City.  The boys were excited because they were going down with their older brother, Alex (BL Class of ’11), and Michael Floccare (’11).

Little did they know, they completely forgot their wrestling singlets and shoes in Middle River. To fix the problem, Alex did what he felt necessary in taking the twins to Walmart in OC. They completed their wardrobe with generic Walmart baggy shorts and plain white shirts that were far too big for the small buzz-cut twins.

Nate commented on this experience, saying, “Picture me and Nick, small and buzz cut, walking around in baggy shirts and shorts as well as Walmart wrestling shoes in a more than full gymnasium where everyone else wore singlets.” The brothers didn’t fail to succeed per usual, and both won 2nd place even without their normal dress.

Although these twin brothers share athletic traits, they look and act much differently than each other. Where the brothers are very different tends to be their personalities.  According to Nate, “Nick is more reserved whereas I am bold and will speak my mind.”  Nate is a little wittier and has a “profound sense of humor.”

Their mother, Mrs. Malinowski, has been the receptionist in the upper school for over ten years. When asked about her twin sons, she laughed, “Nate and Nick are black and white opposites; whatever Nick does Nate wants to do the opposite, and usually not in a good way.”

The Malinowski brothers are a very interesting set of twins and have left a lasting presence on the BL community. They are fraternal twins from birth, but aside from their athletic abilities, they’ve been singles since.

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