Technology on the Rise

Ever since the new technology standards were introduced at BL, students and faculty have different views on how it benefits them individually.

On the Boys’ Latin web page under technology, a brief overview on the tech department is given. It describes how each student has to bring a computer to class since it has more benefits to learning. It also talks about how it’s easier to manage things on the computer.

To learn more about the faculty and students perspective of the new technology, interviews were conducted which helped gain a bigger understanding on how the Boys’ Latin community sees the new technology advances.

Mr. Thomas, a member of the technology department, explained, “We are falling in the direction of how businesses run. Improvement of security for students and the community is needed due to the increased instances of cyber breaches.” Many students have had their accounts broken into, he mentioned. Students following the new steps should reduce the breaches tremendously. 

Mr. Thomas talked about how he disliked the lack of cooperation with students. He stated many of them do not follow the directions on emails or guidelines on how to do things which causes confusion.

 “Statistics have proven that students with technology in the classroom are more effective. Work is easily stored and able to be transferred from computer to computer,” said Thomas. It is an overall more effective process which will benefit everyone greatly.

If one thing could be changed, it would be the printing, he said. There are many steps involved in printing, which slows down the process, making students frustrated. It’s quite clear to notice since students talk about it constantly failing on them. 

Mrs. Rosiak, learning specialist and 11th grade English teacher, said, “I think the BYOD was necessary to prepare us for expectations in the college level, but it comes with frustration and all the students and teachers need to stay patient so we can learn how to use it. The boys can’t let frustration bring them down and make them quit.”

She also dislikes the printing processes since it’s so time-consuming, and students tend to use it as an excuse since it is complicated. Reverting back to the old ways would not be the answer, but solving many of the problems now would benefit the community greatly, she added.

“It takes too long to do simple processes like printing, I don’t get why it has to be so complicated,” said Graham Easton, a junior. This shows that students are in fact getting frustrated.

He also explained he likes paperwork more since technology doesn’t always work properly. Things can get lost, but if a paper gets lost, it’s the students fault. Overall, he would revert to the old technology ways. Lastly, Graham said,  “Nothing has been impressive this year; maybe next year.”

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