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Mr. Whitehair: Deacon in Disguise

Deacons in their typical wear

Deacons in their typical garb

Mr. Eric Whitehair may come off as somewhat liberal in his views, and the fact that he is striving to become a deacon shocks many.

Born and raised in the Christian faith, Mr. Whitehair had a different and distinct view of religion than what he has now. He was heavily involved in the Church, going to three services a week. Now, a baptized member of the Episcopalian church, he seeks to become a deacon.

A deacon, often only known of for its Wake Forest Mascot, is not like a priest. Many times, people are confused as to what exactly a deacon is. The word deacon comes from the Greek word that means Shepard,  a literal servant of the church, whereas a priest is a mediator between God and churchgoers. 

Mr. Whitehair believes his role on Earth is much more suited for a servant of the people rather than a mediator between God. The process isn’t easy, as Mr. Whitehair said it’s, “longer than any college education” he’s finished.

Half a decade in, and a decade total in the faith, Mr. Whitehair is now a postulate. A postulate is a servant of God on course to become a deacon.

He attributes many people who have mentored him over the years in the faith. He said he “wouldn’t know where he would be in life” without faith.

Mr. Whitehair’s role in the church certainly seemed strange to students that have taken his classes. His quirky yet extremely effective style of teaching led many to think he practiced “Islam or Buddhism” according to senior Nick Malinowski.

Many wouldn’t expect such a strict order of religion to be so important to a man like Mr. Whitehair, yet looks can be deceiving. It makes sense in reality that Mr. Whitehair is becoming a deacon, a servant to the people of the church.

In many ways, Mr. Whitehair is a servant to Boys’ Latin, not to be misconstrued with the negative connotations of a servant. He constantly looks out for his students, adopting a mentor-esque role with students.

Much like a shepherd cares for his sheep, students are his sheep. He devotes timeless hours to ensure each student is getting the most out of his education as possible.

Whitehair’s interest in faith has directed him in a multitude of directions. In college, he studied religion at both McDaniel College and John’s Hopkins, certifying him as a religion scholar.

According to Whitehair, religion is one of the hardest subjects to study due to its ambiguity and necessity to understand subjective views of religion. He finds it tough for him, after many years of religion education, to block out his own views for students.

Religion is more important to Whitehair. His passion and integrity are certainly brought out every day inside his classes.

Concerned, intelligent, and considerate, Mr. Whitehair is a great advocate for his faith and certainly would make the Boys’ Latin community proud by fulfilling his desire to being anointed a deacon.  

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