Fresh-Soph Transition Pays Off for Gray

Mark Gray, now a striving senior at The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, has had to overcome a lot; he inadvertently had a rough freshman year not knowing how his grades would impact his future, but when his sophomore year came around the corner, he quickly realized his extreme dissatisfaction.

During Mark’s freshman year, he was an average-to-below-average student in regular classes. His preparation and work ethic were absent, and his grades proved it.  

After freshman year, Mark found himself motivated and hungry for success. Over the summer, Mark was issued to retake Geometry in which he did poorly freshman year. He was able to complete the work for Geometry a week prior to it being due.  

From this, he was able to sit in on an Algebra 2 summer course. In the class, his performance was excellent. The teacher then decided to move him up to Algebra 2 Honors for his sophomore year.  

Mark excelled in all his classes sophomore year leading him into a good position for his junior year. He wanted to take all honors courses and so he set himself up for success.  

Junior year, Mark took almost all honors classes besides one class. His preparation throughout the year was incredible. Teachers raved about Mark’s performance.

Mr. McDonald, who had Mark as a freshman, said, “I’ve been super impressed with the effort that Mark has shown so far this school year. It’s significant that Mark has improved tremendously from freshman year when he wouldn’t do any work.” Mr. McDonald now teaches Mark in a very challenging AP World history class where he is off to a great start.

Inside of school, Mark is very involved with Debate club and now holds the head position.  Mark said, “Once I actually joined debate club, I really enjoyed it and was able to find my own in it, and then four years later I became the head.”  He then said about preparation: “Whether it be debate or a presentation, I always prepare as much as I can.  My preparation gives me the confidence when it comes to go time, and I can then excel and feel comfortable doing so.”

Mark’s most rewarding moment in his life was his transformation from freshman year to sophomore year. Nothing, in particular, stood out, but just that he was able to motivate himself and now has the ability to choose from a wide variety of colleges.  

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