Andrew Murrow’s Lasting Legacy not just in Sports

Andrew Murrow joined the Boys’ Latin community five years ago and has since left a legacy that embodies the true qualities of being a Laker.  Andrew is most notable for his athletic prestige, which often causes his impressive academic achievements to be overlooked.

During the course of Andrew’s BL career, he has participated in numerous honor and AP level courses.  He has been able to succeed in these courses earning honor roll on multiple occasions.

Andrew does not succeed just from his intelligence but rather through hard work and preparation.  He takes his impressive work ethic on the athletic field and applies it to the classroom.  When asked about his work ethic, Andrew said, “From a young age, lacrosse coaches have instilled the importance of hard work into my brain.  This translates to the classroom allowing me to succeed through my preparation.”

Mrs. Rodrigues, Andrew’s former Honors Physics teacher, said, “Andrew is an extremely hard worker in class.”  Andrew’s work may fly under the radar to many people, but those who have taught Andrew see the work ethic he possesses. This quality will surely help him succeed in life.

Not only does Andrew succeed on the athletic field and in the classroom, but he also does a great job at being friendly. Andrew is known to show up to Boys’ Latin every day with a smile on his face no matter what.  This type of attitude has allowed for Andrew to befriend a large portion of the BL community.

Andrew’s success in the classroom, on the athletic field, and as a person has allowed for him to take the role of a leader in many situations.  According to Mrs. Rodrigues, “Andrew is a leader in the classroom, and he is always willing to take charge and help struggling students.”  This quality has certainly helped Andrew leave his mark at Boys’ Latin.

Andrew will be attending Fairfield University next fall, but his legacy will continue to prevail throughout Boys’ Latin for many years.  It sets a true example of how to be a Laker in the classroom and on the athletic field.

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