Ravens vs. Steelers: Historic Rivalry Postgame

Coming from an 0-3 start, the Baltimore Ravens rallied up the troops to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime at Heinz Field on Thursday, October 1st. With not much of a good game defensively from the Ravens, the team still got the victory with the help of their unsung hero Justin Tucker.

The Pittsburgh Steelers prior to the start of the season had no idea that Michael Vick would ever have a reason to step foot on the field knowing that Roethlisberger was a better all-around quarterback. That idea completely changed once Roethlisberger was forced to join the DNP list (do not play) after a knee injury.

With that in mind, Michael Vick had no choice but to step up and play his best which he did really well. Whether it be blocking or scrambling past the line of scrimmage, it seemed as if the Ravens defense couldn’t get a grasp of Vick; he went without throwing one pick the entire game and also scored a touchdown.

Fans of the Steelers constantly use the idea that the kicker in fact ruined their chances of winning entirely. With this in mind, stats prove that it was not only the kicker that affected the game but also it few errors on defense that led the Ravens to rush for  a total of 191 yards.

Coach Schell made it clear the “game was quite gutsy with all the injuries that forced many players to step up.” With Steve Smith not being involved in this week’s game, some will have to fill that position, one person being Marlon Brown who has been with the Ravens since 2013. Against the Steelers, he only had a total of two receptions that added up to 9 yards.

Kenny Lewis spoke of the Ravens as if they weren’t coming off of a three game losing streak. Kenny did not expect Joe Flacco to complete 20 out of his 30 passes knowing that Steve Smith was out of the game. Flacco only threw for 189 yards but averaged 5.7 yards per reception which isn’t that great for a quarterback who is getting paid to be throwing a lot more than that.

Kamar Aiken of the Ravens was one of the better offensive player of the night with a total of 77 yards with five receptions which was the best for the entire team. Linebacker Daryl Smith had a total of 10 tackles and one sack; what makes this amazing is the fact that Smith was not a standout player until this game for the Ravens.

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