BL Spotlight

Dom Maggio Under Armour All-America Induction

On Tuesday, September 15th, 2015, Dom Maggio was inducted as a High School Under Armour All-American and presented his jersey in front of the entire school.

Dom is the first Under Armour All-American to come out of Boys’ Latin.  This is quite the prestigious honor, and he is the first of many great football players to go through BL to be selected.

Not even Greg Pyke, starting at Georgia on offensive line and first-round NFL draft prospect was honored this way. Some professional names to receive this honor are Julio Jones, AJ Green, and current LSU running back Leonard Fournette.

The game will take place on Saturday, January 2nd, which will also be aired on ESPN 2.  Dom is the #3 kicker and the best punter in the class of 2016. Dom’s last season stats include an averaged 43.5 yds per punt and 12/15 field goals and 29/30 extra points.

Dom committed to Wake Forest earlier last year and he will be the starter for the 2016 season.  He’s actually headed down after the UA AA Game to quick start and play spring football in Winston-Salem.  He won’t be with the BL community for the second semester but is working persistently without a free period and with AP courses now.

He is going to cover his credits in the spring down there as well as the summer and fall of his freshman year.  Dom is leaving for the second semester, but he will be back on Lake Ave. to graduate as part of the class of 2016 in June.

Dom is off to a great start to the season this year.  The Lakers are coming off some big wins in conference, defeating Curley as well as Pallotti in Hurricane Joaquin conditions

Dom is excited to head down to St. Petersburg, Florida for the Under Armour game at Tropicana Field and represent the Lakers as well as the state of Maryland.

Dom stated when selected, “It really was an honor to be selected by coach Jamie Kohl and his staff. He sees a lot of talented guys out there. It’s great to be a part of that group of punters and kickers who get to play with a ton of talented athletes in the game.”

Dom really is one of the best athletes to go through Boys’ Latin, and Coach Ritchie Schell only had good things to say to UA and media: “He’s a fabulous punter and a fabulous kid. He works his tail off and I can’t ask for anything more. He’s a huge weapon. Many coaches feel he’s going to be in the NFL someday.”

Dom looks to be an NFL prospect but is more concerned on starting right away in Winston-Salem.  This jumpstart on campus will help him ease into his role kicking and punting for the Demon Deacons next fall.

Dom was honored in front of the student body, his family, and his team on stage behind American Family Insurance and Under Armour banners.  Dom’s first of many press conferences can be seen below in the video link.

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