Rex Beck Works with Youth Group to help Less Fortunate

Rex Beck travels over his summers as a part of his church to underprivileged parts of the world to do his part.

Rex Beck understands something that many people wound not expect the average high school student to have a mental grasp on, well just not yet. Rex understands that he is extremely fortunate and blessed and that there are others that are not as well off and fortunate as he is. So Rex does not just sit on this understanding; he acts upon it.

The biggest activity that Rex and his youth group attended is two mission trips to Mexico. They took one back in the summer of 2014 to Nogalas, Mexico, and they returned to that same town in the summer of 2015.

When asked about what influenced him to take these trips, Rex said, “Being raised at a Christian church I have been taught that you need to help others in need; it is the right thing to do.” Rex clearly has an understanding about what these trips are truly all about thanks to the church he attendees.

Rex gets along with other members on the trips, stating, “Yes, I attended these trips with my youth group. Some of my closest friends are a part of this group so it was very  fun and enjoyable.” Sharing his experience with friends only makes it all the more fun.

On Rex’s first mission trip with his youth group, he was able to witness firsthand how much help and love the people and these places need. Rex described it as an eye-opening experience for him. He described this experience as something that he thinks that everyone should have the chance in their life to be a part of and have this experience from themselves.

It is not all fun and games out there. “It’s hard work, but not in the way of labor, but more mentally,” and Rex exclaimed, Working with these people left a mark.” This experience made Rex more appreciative of what he has, where he lives, and his life and opportunities that he has in his life.

“The fact that Rex doesn’t talk about these trips a lot says a lot about him as a person,” said Mr. Whitehair, who taught Rex in U.S. History

Mrs. Rosiak, who runs the learning center, said, “Rex is not in it for the glory; he is modest.”

What Rex’s teachers are saying is that he truly understands the meaning of these trips, as he should being raised in the church. Rex understands attending these trips are not something to brag about, and that says a lot about him. He truly gets what these trips are all about.

Rex is experienced in these mission trips. Many people agree that he would be a great resource if BL would like to do a mission trip or service trip of their own. Not only would he be a good resource technically, but he could show everyone the true purpose of these trips.

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