Ovecoming Dyslexia: Charlie Iklé

Charlie Iklé was diagnosed with dyslexia, an impairment of interpretations of what one is reading, at the age of seven, and he attended a school for dyslexia in order to overcome his learning disability to become a better student who exceeds expectations in his English classes.

For Charlie, dyslexia was an everyday thing that he had to deal with. Whether it be in English or in math, he struggled, so his parents did what any parent would do; they had him tested. With that mind, Charlie’s parents decided to send him to a school that specialized in his learning disability.

What Charlie realized while attending the Odyssey School is that his condition is not a disability but a different way of learning.  He felt it didn’t affect him as much as some of his classmates and it motivated him to become not only a better student but an example of what can happen if a lot of effort is put forth.

Charlie thinks that his dyslexia was beneficial if anything because it pushed him even more. What made Charlie drive himself was that he wanted to become a better student and to avoid using dyslexia as an excuse for not performing as well as the rest of his classmates.

For one of Charlie’s close friends, Jack Pezzulla, dyslexia is something that Jack believes has taken a back seat in Charlie’s life. This is because he believes Charlie has overcome it knowing that “he is currently taking some of the more difficult English classes that BL has to offer.”

His adviser, Mr. Robinson, without a doubt believes that Charlie will not allow dyslexia to stop what he is doing in life. Mr. Robinson said “that not once has he ever heard Charlie use having dyslexia as an excuse.” What separates Charlie from the average student is that he takes a challenge head on and makes plans for the future.

When asked what advice Charlie would give a kid that is diagnosed, he simply stated, “Don’t look at dyslexia as a learning disability but as a power because you are able to see the world differently than everyone else.”

Dyslexia barely affects Charlie as he has taken practically every English course at Boys’ Latin from AP Literature, AP Language, and Honors courses since freshman year.  He has taken Poetry Honors, Creative Writing Honors and has written for the Inkwell for a whole year.  He is now an editor of the school newspaper.

With this in mind, Charlie has made a tremendous impact on the BL community by being kind, hardworking, and chill. Charlie will always be remembered for all the effort he put forth in each class, being a clear example of what a Laker should be.

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