Money on His Mind: Shaumar Wilson

Shaumar Wilson wants to make a plentiful amount of money by working hard and being efficient so he can be able to do what he wants with his money.

Shaumar worked over the summer at BCCC which is the Baltimore City Community College where he was asked to create two videos for the school.

Over the summer, Shaumar worked at the Office of Accommodations/Accreditations under the Dean of the Baltimore City Community College where he had two assignments: to make a video for the closing ceremony and another video for the staff development.

During the weekends, he films music videos and does photography. He stated, “I enjoy shooting videos and photography the most because it’s what I’ve grown up doing. It comes natural to me.” Looking at his work, anyone can surely tell he has experience.

At the moment, he doesn’t have an idea on what he wants to do in life, but he knows he wants a career out in the market. If Shaumar could take any career path, he would pick one without a high unemployment rate.

He would love to run his own business because he would have no one he would have to report to. If something happened, the responsibility would be on him which he likes. For now, he is content with his work since he makes a decent amount of money.

His motivation is to have money in his pocket at all times; not once does he want to be stuck in the situation of not being able to afford something. Hard work is important to Shaumar. It is what will make him rich one day, he said.

A job he would despise doing is construction work, working on a trash crew on a garbage truck, or doing anything with kids.

When interviewing two of his former teachers, Mrs. Rosiak and Mr. Whitehair, they gave a great detailed summary on his performance in class. Mrs. Rosiak mentioned, “Shaumar is a great, hard worker in class when he chooses to be.”

She mentioned that he works very hard sometimes when he is interested and other times he won’t be motivated. For instance, he is the most focused during the middle of the day. The morning and afternoon classes are rough on him since he is tired and ready to either go home or go back to bed.

His strongest skill is participating in discussions. He really enjoys making connections between literature and the real world. If he can relate something personal to his life from the book, he will understand it and get more engaged with the book.

She thought the field he would be most successful in is anything working with other people because he is very social and likes to work together, making him a valuable resource in any group activity.

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