Legacies of Lakers: Thomas Murphy

Thomas Murphy, class of ’16, has attended Boys’ Latin since pre-first.  He’s now a senior, but he’s not the only Murphy to go through BL.

The Murphy family has had an established name in the Boys’ Latin community for years.  His mom and dad have always been very invested in sending their boys to school here and sent their first son, Will, here first in 1993.

Will was smart but didn’t apply himself as much according to Thomas.  He was also suspended three times and quit all of his sports before his junior year.

James, Thomas’ second brother to attend, was the smartest and worked the hardest of the three brothers.  He played on the soccer, basketball, and club lacrosse teams throughout his years, but Clax was by far his favorite.  There’s something about a bunch of upperclassmen that barely know how to catch and throw who show up and have fun.

Will attended the University of Tennessee after high school, and James went to Miami of Ohio.

Murphy said his first memories consist of going to his brothers’ maroon and white days.  He also said that he was even used in a science project or demonstration when he was just a baby.

Murphy said his first memory of going to school at BL was getting dropped off on his first day by his brother, Will. He didn’t know what was going on and he was crying, but his brother didn’t care and just told him to get out.

His favorite overall memory at BL is sitting at lunch for the past decade.  Lunch truly is the best part of the day for most students at BL.  It’s a time of relaxation, eating food, and socializing with friends about the day and talking about the world in general.

Murphy even went on to say, “I wouldn’t know most of my friends if I didn’t joke around and sit with them at the same table for the past years.”

Mrs.  Murphy has spent time working in the book store and has always been a school mom showing up for parent association sponsored events over the years.

Thomas has always been invested in the Boys’ Latin experience ever since he was a little baby.  He was literally born into the school, and he wouldn’t want it any other way.  He described Boys’ Latin in three words: community, family, and tradition.

Thomas was brought through the grassroots of Boys’ Latin and has vastly enjoyed his time here on Lake Ave.  He described it as almost “too” much fun.

Thomas has been a part of soccer teams throughout the years but is most notorious for his role as one of the lacrosse managers.  As for clubs, he helps out with Spirit and is one of the Young Republican leaders.

Every year, Boys’ Latin celebrates lifers or kids that have attended the school since kindergarten and pre-k.  Thomas has done that and beyond being on campus even when he was an infant.

Thomas has enjoyed the start to his senior year and leading the student section at sporting events. He’s still going to do that this winter and take on his normal role as a manager under Coach Farrell this spring.

The Murphys are born and bred Lakers.  They are a memorable group of people, and most teachers that have had them will say the same thing.  They all share similar personalities and enjoy a lot of the same activities.

Teachers will say Thomas does not have a problem with expressing his own opinion, and his voice is a lot louder than he thinks.

Thomas is the last of his three brothers and looks forward to wrapping up his infamous run on Lake Avenue.  He’s the third Murphy to roam these halls and some teachers may hope he’s the last.

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