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Senior Farewell Proves to be Emotional Event

On Friday, May 15th, the annual Senior Farewell took place. The Senior Farewell is a time for Seniors to say good-bye to the Boys’ Latin community. Boys’ Latin is not just a school to many, but it is a family as well.

The Senior Farewell is a moment of mixed emotions. The fact that this school is so close with each other causes the farewell to be a sad event. Members of the community can be seen tearing up as they wish their students or friends good-bye.

It is not all sad though. This day also brings joy to the members of Boys’ Latin as they congratulate the seniors on making it through this chapter in their lives. It is an impressive accomplishment, and it is one that should be celebrated.

The event begins with the seniors all sitting in the front of the Gelston Athletic Center (the gym), and one by one they go in front of the crowd, consisting of parents, teachers, and faculty, announcing what their senior internships will be and what college they will be attending.


Senior Patrick Spencer announces his internship and college.

Once all the seniors have spoken, the entire upper school lines the gym walls. The first people to line up are the teachers.  The teachers are followed by the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and finally parents.

The seniors then walk through this line and say their goodbyes to the students, the faculty members, and the parents. This time is hard for the seniors as well as other Boys’ Latin members.  According to junior Matthew Lugat, “It was very emotional, because I developed a strong relationships with the seniors.”


seniors students

Senior Phillip Springer says goodbye to fellow student Gideon Endalkachew.

The majority of the seniors cry as they walk through the gym realizing this is their final day on Lake Avenue as a student. This can be a difficult reality for many people as this school is loved by so many. Upper school librarian Claire Ricci said, “It’s cool because the seniors you don’t expect to cry, do cry.”

The walk through consists of extremely sad music, which causes for feelings to be even stronger.

Not only do the seniors show emotions, but many of the faculty and students express emotion as well. The faculty and juniors are the most likely to show emotion.

They are sad as this is a goodbye to their brothers. This is the final time they will be students alongside them. This reality is hard for many to come to terms with.


Brothers Michael Shortt and Joey Shortt share an emotional moment during the farewell.

The Senior Farewell is one of the greatest events Boys’ Latin annually holds. This event truly encompasses the meaning of being a Laker.  This school can surely be described as a brotherhood.

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