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Jim Haluck: BL Legend

Throughout the halls of 822 West Lake, on the bottom floor, a man with white hair and a mustache teaches different kinds of Chemistry as well as Forensics.

His name is Jim Haluck, and for those that haven’t had the privilege of having him as a teacher, he is one of the most interesting men one can come to know.  He has been teaching for a total of 42 years with experience in multiple schools.  Mr. Haluck spent plenty of years teaching at South River High School in Anne Arundel county before coming to Boys’ Latin in 2006.

Jim Haluck entered Boys’ Latin in 2006 and will be retiring after this school year.  Mr. Haluck has taught just about every science class at BL.  But, he has spent most of his years teaching levels of Chemistry ranging from regular to honors and AP courses.

While it was not in session this year, Mr. Haluck has taught a division of Honors Forensics that focused on science at a crime scene.

Mr. Haluck truly is one of the most interesting men, and anyone could walk into his room without previously knowing him and could have a conversation for hours on end.

Jim Haluck is also a huge car guy.  He owns a fair amount of nice cars ranging from the black Jeep Wrangler he drives to school every day to his Audi Spider and multiple luxury cars.

Mr. Haluck’s favorite place to go on vacation is Panama City, Florida.  He has a house there, and his family lives there as well.  He spends a lot of time down there and will live there after he retires this year.

When asked about his most interesting past job, Mr. Haluck said, “I worked as a Pilot Band for chemistry.”  He said it was dirty, and there was an outstanding amount of exposure to chemicals of different colors combined with spider webs.

Mr. Haluck said his favorite BL memory is the Senior Farewells every year. “I think those are pretty special, and public schools should start celebrating it, too.”

Mr. Haluck isn’t exactly sure what he is going to do yet, but he hopes to volunteer at the zoo in Panama City and rescue Great Danes. He chimed in about rumors of him becoming a dolphin trainer: “It may happen.  I am looking forward to helping with them at the zoo.” 

Jim Haluck truly exemplifies the school motto of “Esse Quam Videri” and has left an everlasting impact on the science department at BL. It was an honor to have him as a teacher and he is one of the most interesting men I’ve ever had the chance in knowing.  The BL community laments his departure from Lake Ave and wishes him luck in his future in Panama City. 

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