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Coach Haugh’s Retirement Bittersweet

The legend of Drew Haugh started over 40 years ago when he first stepped foot on Lake Ave.

From his first day here at BL, he has been a Laker and always will be a true Laker.

Many have heard legendary tales of this mysterious figure, like stories about his wacky tattoos in a place one would not expect.

One could find the man around school, with his face buried in a book, while wearing his famous women’s floral design glasses. Or one could just know he’s on campus with just one glimpse of his big, black sticker-covered truck.

Drew Haugh, also known as Coach Haugh, has coached almost every sport here on campus. He has coached football, lacrosse, wrestling, and volleyball. That’s not his only job at BL; he is also the lower school gym teacher.

Coach Haugh is known for his zany traditions and attitude.

Noah Snyder’s favorite memory of Coach Haugh was “when he ran around the halls dressed as a monster every Halloween” and “tried to trick me into hunting for said monster.”

One of the famous traditions is the team clothes that Coach Haugh makes. One will never know what they’ll get when Coach Haugh is in charge of designing clothes.  The clothes have ranged from pink championship jackets to Hawaiian volleyball shirts.

Another thing that Coach Haugh will be remembered for is the wild pre game speeches. The speeches have always been quite random and quirky. One moment Coach Haugh will be quoting Gandhi, and the next he will be in a doctor costume handing out gummy feet from Candy Kitchen.

Another reason Coach Haugh will be remembered is the odd tattoos on his rear end. He promises a tattoo to his teams if they win a championship. Some of the tattoos include a football, a lacrosse stick, a face, and there are still more to come due to the 2013 JV lacrosse championship.

Every year, an idea will come to Coach Haugh, and every year, that will be the team’s mascot. With the mascot chosen, the team would buy team hats. Coach Haugh was big into superstitions; if everybody did not wear their hat to the game, he believed it was bad luck.

The stories heard about Coach Haugh are electrifying to say the least. The man has been struck by lightning twice and has lived to tell the tale.

During the summers, Coach Haugh essentially becomes a beach-bum.  He lives down in Ocean City, doing his side job of renting out umbrellas and beach chairs. Almost every day, one can find him down on First Street reading a book and renting out chairs.

Coach Haugh’s life has revolved around BL for over 40 years and has recently announced his retirement. The man has created an unforgettable legacy and will be missed whether it be in the classroom or on the field.

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