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Senior Summer Plans

The Boys’ Latin School prides itself on being a diverse community with students who have vastly different hobbies and interests. This summer is particularly strange for most seniors as they are about to embark on a new journey at their college of choice. To prepare for the most memorable four years of their lives, these seniors have exciting and not so exciting summer plans.

Chase Lubke, an accomplished Inkwellian, will spend his summer “working landscaping and working on my ‘81 Camaro.” He believes that his Camaro will be up and running within a month. He obtained his retro vehicle last year and will finally get it running this summer.

Nick Regine will have an exciting summer working at Subway in Hunt Valley. If any BL students are ever craving a delicious, freshly baked sandwich from Subway, be sure to give Nick a visit at Hunt Valley and he’ll probably offer a free cookie. He will also be visiting the beach often and will be attending Virginia Tech’s summer orientation program July 8th.

Colton Haugh always has an interesting summer working at an umbrella stand on 2nd Street with the entrepreneur and legend Drew Haugh. “My parents started the business years ago and we work there every summer.” Colton is very excited to attend Stevenson University’s summer orientation program on June 15th.

Matt Sacks is taking a more studious path this summer as he is attending summer classes at Furman University where he will be playing lacrosse. “I’m taking a history and intro to music course.” He will gain quality experience in college, graduate on time, and even visit Charleston, South Carolina.

Jerel Archer is a future running back, receiver, and defensive back for Stonehill College. Being a football athlete in college is quite rigorous as he must begin mandatory workouts in Easton on August 1st. He is nervous for football but excited for his upcoming journey and for his upcoming Caribbean cruise in July.

Many seniors have varying opinions on their future college experiences. Some are nervous while most are sad about leaving Boys’ Latin. However, every senior is eager to embark on his new journey and to excel in different ways.

Lakers find success in their own ways. No two students are the same nor will they have the same success story. Parents should be confident that their sons will reach fruition and that the BL community will always remember their contributions to the BL campus.

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