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Joey Celentano’s Journey to Swoleness

Many can agree that Joey Celentano is obviously the most shredded kid on campus.

Joey tears through the hallways leaving fear, destruction, and GNC shaker bottles in his huge wake.

One can find Joey down in the weight room on any given day making his so-called “gainz.” He is down there every day after a long shift under the wing of the legend himself, Chris Kury.

Joey’s workout doesn’t end in the weight room; it’s more of a lifestyle than anything else. Joey has a logbook where he keeps track of both his diet, caloric intake, and his workout schedule.

Joey has been doing his bodybuilding consistently for over two months.  He believes that he has made significant gainz judging from his daily mirror flex sesh.

When asked about his favorite workout, he said, “Obviously it’s arms because when you work arms, you are just walking on a cloud of swole. You’ve got to hit the curls for the girls, baby.” He believes that working out the arms gives “a great pump.”

Before Joey starts getting yoked in Kury’s kingdom of swole, he does not like to eat a big pre workout meal because it does not feel right in his stomach.  But after he’s done pumping iron, he usually likes to hit up the Chipotle down the street to get all of his needed protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Many people think it is easy for Joey to gain muscle while body building, but it is not. Joey suffers from the unfortunate Crohn’s disease. According to the Mayo Clinic website, Crohn’s disease hinders the ability to eat certain food, often times leading to malnutrition and weight loss.

After a hard workout, one must replenish all of the nutrients lost. Crohn’s disease makes this difficult for Joey to replenish. He must cut out “ruffage” like corn and lettuce from his diet.

Joey perseveres through his troubles only making his gains that much more impressive. There is a significant amount of planning that is needed for Joey to actually see progress.

Joey has more than enough on his plate. He must juggle his time playing hockey, helping Coach Kury, having a social life, and weightlifting. Even with all of this going on, Joey has been successful.

Next fall, Joey will be attending the University of New Hampshire where he plans to further educate himself in the field of athletic training. He also may pursue his hockey career for the Wildcat’s club hockey team.

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