Boys’ Latin Baseball Playoff Preview

Boys’ Latin baseball completed its regular season with a stellar record of 20-2.  The Lakers have shown an immense amount of talent, and they have earned themselves the number two seed in the playoffs.

The playoffs began with a bye week for the Lakers.  The top two seeded teams, St. Marys (1) and Boys’ Latin (2), each got to rest in preparation for the second round of the playoffs.

Boys’ Latin played their first playoff game against Annapolis Area Christian School, who they had beaten two times prior.  They won the playoff game 12-2.  This score was due to impressive pitching by Justin Ward as well as exceptional hitting (

The next step to the championship will be against the Lakers toughest opponent, St. Marys.  If Boys’ Latin is able to come out on top of this game, they will be headed to Aberdeen to compete for the championship.

In the regular season, Boys’ Latin and St. Marys each won one game against each other. Each game was tightly contested.  The first game was won by Boys’ Latin 4-2, and the second game was won by St. Marys 5-4 according to

The Lakers are hopeful to win this game so they can move on, but if they don’t, the championship would still be in sight.  The playoffs have a two-game elimination set up, meaning the Lakers can lose this game but still advance to the championship.

If the Lakers were to lose to St. Marys, they would most likely have to play a team such as Glenelg.  If they were to defeat the team they face, then they would compete against St. Marys again. In order to win the championship, they would have to beat St. Marys two times in a row.

Obviously, winning Wednesday’s game would greatly improve the chances of winning a championship.  The Lakers believe they certainly have an opportunity to win this game as they have already done so.

The Lakers will need to play a near-perfect game to win, but they have proven in the past this can be done.

This game will truly impact the Lakers season and championship aspirations.  They have been working hard all season long, and they feel as if they have earned this chance.  The Lakers are confident and believe they will be the victors by the time Wednesday comes around.

Boys’ Latin has not won a championship since the 2008 season.  This would be huge for the Boys’ Latin baseball program, and it would be huge for the school.

Boys’ Latin lost their game on wednesday to St. Marys on a walk of hit.  The Lakers then played a home game against Severn, which they won, sending them to the championships.  They Lost in the championship to St. Marys with a score of 6-4.

The coaches professed how proud they were of the team for their accomplishments after the game.  The Lakers gave a valiant effort this season, and they have nothing to be ashamed of.

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