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2015 Edition: Match-that-Muscle

As people walk around the Boys’ Latin School, they can’t help but stop and admire certain individuals and their massive and shredded body parts. These muscle groups range from skinny arms/legs, large biceps, large triceps, huge quads, and ripped abs. Summer is vastly approaching, and these individuals can’t help but show off their hard work and dedication over the past school year.


Photo of Gavin Howell and his bicep

First up is Gavin “Lennie” Howell with his huge biceps. This monster has been consistent with his presence in the gym since before the start of the school year. He consistently seems to amaze his fellow classmates with his 330-pound bench press resulting in his huge arm muscles (biceps).


Photo of Jerel Archer and his tricep

On the other side of the arm, there is Jerel Archer with three deeply shredded heads for his tricep. Headed to Stonehill for football, he is going to need his tricep for his amazing stiff arm that he gives the defender on his way to the end zone. He has been seen doing many tricep exercises in the gym ranging from push downs to close grip presses.


Photo of Gavin Howell and his quad

Next up is the same person mentioned previously but for a different part of the body. Gavin is little known for his amazing quads, but these giant legs are not to be messed with. Gavin has not shown his full potential in the squat rack because he is always seen trying to push his numbers up on the bench press.


Photo of Matt Sacks and his calves

Moving from Lennie to Matt Sacks, there is a huge difference in leg size. Sacks is known to be seen playing on the lacrosse field but has been skipping leg day more often than he should. He received his recognition from his bulging calf muscles that come out from the back of his shorts every lacrosse game.


Photo of Charley Hughes and his calf

Charley is known throughout BL for having some of the biggest calves known to man. He has been in the weight room doing his calf raises ever since he was a young buck. Also, because of the high amounts of time he spends in the training room stretching, he can add a couple more reps into his legendary calf workouts.


Photo of Victor Dimukeje and his chest

Since his arrival at Boys’ Latin, Victor Dimukeje has been huge on the football field and in the weight room. Victor’s chest is an extremely impressive muscle as he can be found daily on the bench press warming up with at least 225. Pumping up his chest is no big deal to Victor, and he even gets creative by tricking kids into thinking he is struggling with what he considers warm-up weight.


Photo of Joey Celentano and his abs

Last but not least is Joey Celentano and his completely shredded abs. Every day at around 7:00 p.m. after lacrosse practice, Joey can be found on one of the old wrestling mats in the weight room honing and toning his rock hard mean abs and obliques. It doesn’t matter which workout he is doing because abs always come last and are worked the hardest.

Walk around the campus before the seniors leave and gaze at the amazing physiques. Everyone will be amazed at what they might find at any particular moment throughout the day.

(Photo: Branch Warren)

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