Rickie Fowler Wins the Players Championship

Rickie Fowler, at the age of 26, won the Players Championship last weekend on Mother’s Day. He had to fight hard after posting an average par through the first nine holes. This victory pushed Fowler up to the 9th best golf player in the world in the PGA official rankings.

The major reason Rickie Fowler won was his amazing performance on the last six holes. In the last six holes, he went six under.  He birdied 17 and 18 to bring him to a final score of 12 under 276.

This brought the tournament to a playoff between Fowler, Kisner, and Garcia. Garcia was eliminated after hitting three pars on 16, 17, and 18. Fowler and Kisner went to sudden death because they both hit par on 16, a birdie on 17, and a par on 18.

In the sudden death between Kisner and Fowler, Fowler out played Kisner. This brought Fowler the championship. This was the second championship that Fowler has won on the PGA tour.

Fowler’s mom was going to the airport to fly back to California after Fowler’s average performance through the first nine. While she was at the airport, she got an update on her phone about how well he was playing on the back nine. She made an instant decision to leave the airport and drive back to the golf course.

Fowler’s mom was in attendance for his playoff against Kisner and Garcia. Fowler said his mom’s presence definitely helped him. Having his mother in attendance on Mother’s Day definitely was special for Fowler.

The timing of the win for Fowler was very interesting because it came right after a poll by Sports Illustrated rated him the most overrated golfer. Fowler responded about it: “I was always looked at as the guy who had just one win on the Tour.”

Sports Illustrated could not have been more wrong about Fowler. However, this poll just gave Fowler motivation, which he definitely showed. After this outstanding victory, Fowler will no longer be considered overrated.

Fowler could not have made the people that overlooked him look as foolish in any other better way. He gained his second championship and will be eligible for every major tournament for the next five years. This is very important because Fowler is a younger golfer at 26, and he now will be promised a long career.

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