Promposal Season Sweeping the Nation

As of late, it’s synonymous with spring. High school upperclassmen wait for it every year. No, it’s not spring break, but they do look forward to that, too.

It’s prom season, which really means its promposal season; this is another stressful part of the already difficult prom process.

High school seniors and juniors take time out of their schedules to propose to their prospective dates or current partners to see if they’ll attend their school prom with them. That’s where the name “promposal” comes from.

Some people do subtle sweet proposals while others do crazy or funny surprises that cause tears of joy or laughter. They even resemble pranks.

One person put sticky notes all over a car to spell out “Prom?” Then there was another set of sticky notes in the form of a heart. 

Senior Blair Brooks has had two different experiences with making a promposal. Last year, as a junior, Blair had his girlfriend be a volunteer and come up during an assembly to answer questions about phone tapping. For the final question, he asked his girlfriend to go to prom in front of the entire class.

His girlfriend’s reaction to the surprise method was running full speed at Blair and head butting him in the nose out of excitement.

This year, Blair chose a more subtle method. He took her out to dinner and simply asked after a nice evening together. This time Kennedy, Blair’s girlfriend, had a more emotional response.

“She was all teary eyed and fluttered,” said by Blair describing her reaction.

Chris Smith chose to bring his girlfriend, Imani, a Chick-fil-a lunch. The surprise was a message in a bottle, which was hidden inside the bag, asking her to go to prom with him. Imani wasn’t as excited as Kennedy was, but the feelings were still there.

I chose to surprise my girlfriend by first lying and saying I failed my driver’s test that day. Then I proceeded to buy her favorite snacks including fruit snacks, pistachios, and sugar cookies. I also brought her a portable charger as a bonus gift.

I then drove up to her school, by myself, with a poster and roses. She had no idea I was coming and broke out into tears due to my repeated insisting of not doing a promposal.

Billy Wingo’s girlfriend, Miana, came to Boys’ Latin in the middle of the day. She put balloons on his car and brought him Fractured Prune donuts. Billy, with much confusion and excitement, said yes and hugged his girlfriend.

Jerel Archer’s girlfriend, Kenisha, came in during lunch with pizza and a football related letter for him to read out loud. The pizza had pepperoni that spelled out Prom. Jerel was very surprised and happy to receive a promposal.


This is a similar promposal that Archer experienced.  http://promposals.tumblr.com/post/44793230341/way-to-put-some-heart-into-it-hope-the-answer

Promposals are full of emotions. They can b very sentimental or very hilarious. They are definitely memories that’ll last a life time.

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