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Keep the Punisher

The A-10, better known as the Warthog, took its first flight in 1975. The military is planning on cutting the reproduction of the plane, but I think they shouldn’t. This plane is very important to the military for many reasons.

The Warthog is not a stealthy or sleek plane. It has never been in a blockbuster film. The Warthog isn’t made for those perks; it’s made to demolish.

The A-10 Warthog has a roaring engine, 30-mm cannon, and a nose painted like a snarling beast. According to CNN, it’s pure brute punching power allows it to be the most powerful plane the military has.

If there was a comparison to make between football and a plane, then according to CNN, the F-15 is the Tom Brady of the Air Force and the A-10 is Lawrence Taylor. It is said to be a very important post-9/11 aerial fighter plane for the United States.

I think the military should keep the Warthog because no other plane has its power. The pure strength of the A-10 cannot be matched.

CNN reported that the cannons were built in order to kill anything standing in the plane’s way. Another reason I think the military should keep the plane is because no other plane can cover ground missions. CNN reported the A-10 is the only plane made specifically for close air support missions.

The A-10 is the only plane able to stay low to the ground and still be maneuverable. It is the most popular plane chosen from soldiers and marines. The A-10 has fought and won many battles.

Some of the battles have been between Iraqi insurgents, the Taliban, and more recently, ISIS fighters.

Retired A-10 squadron commander Martha McSally is in love with the Warthog. In an interview by CNN, she said, “‘When they’re on the ground, they need help, under fire, and we show up right on the front lines and deliver the firepower so they can live to fight another day.'”

She then goes on to talk about the A-10’s Cold War role. CNN said the Warthog held the line against a possible resurgent Russian threat in Europe.

For the military to get rid of the A-10 would be a stupid idea. This is because no other plane is able to protect ground troops like the A-10.

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