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How One Genre Influenced a Nation

Music is loved by many people nationwide. Many people usually have a favorite genre. Throughout the years, hip-hop has been scrutinized for many things.

It has been said that its effect is very negative due to its lyrics. It’s also been accused of objectifying women due to its scenes in music videos.

According to an article posted on, the more time a teen spends watching these obscenities or listening to these lyrics, the more likely he will want to engage in these lyrics.

Although this may be an accurate assessment, it would be unfair to blame an entire genre for lyrics in a few songs. That would be like condemning an entire race for a criminal act committed by a few individuals.

Jay-Z, one of the most powerful music icons in the world, stated in an article posted on the Huffington Post that “Hip-hop has done more for race relations than most cultural icons.”

Musicians have a powerful influence on society, so why is hip-hop/rap often singled out? Rap often tells rags-to-riches stories, which seem to attract impoverished teens.

Hip-hop also gives youth a voice, which is another reason why it is so attractive. The music is just simply relatable. stated in the article”Hip Hop more effective than the Beatles?” that researchers have found that hip-hop is more “profound.”

Hip Hop caused pop to be “diverse,” according to CNN. When genres like new wave, disco, and hard rock dominated music, variety was at an all-time low in the early 1980s.

Music is different to everyone. Its messages can definitely be perceived differently. But, one thing that can never be disregarded is hip-hop’s big influence on the music industry.

Every song doesn’t contain positive lyrics or messages; therefore, one genre shouldn’t be scrutinized for having the same traits.